Friday, February 23, 2007

200 ?

It took just 45 minutes to reach Malacca and 2 hours to reach Penang.. and this is why I could afford to have long distance relationship :p

Anyone interested in a speed ride date ?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CNY crap !

This is my daughter. She's the one who kept my lonely heart from being overwhelming. According to 'The Protige" movie, the main reason that leads to drugs is loneliness. For a little bit spoiler of that movie, Daniel Wu nearly took drugs until his adopted daughter stopped him. In my case, I'm having my imaginary daughter.. (Lih Fang must be thinking that i am very crazy :P)

Somehow when my daughter grows up, she will follow some chinkak guys and left her imaginary daddy. Sadly I'll have to resolve into something more practical rather than just depending on my imaginary daughter although she's very lovely. I should find a life partner to cure my loneliness. My problem is that sometimes I'm annoying enough to the extend of people blocking me from msn and I had a bad appearance compare to Daniel Wu. Having a dateless valentines for 20 years is one good proof of being pathetic.

So I resolve into plastic surgery....
And after hours of hardwork...
This is the new me.. nicely toned arms and sexy eyes.. :P Oh well, anyway I'm just testing out my newly bought W810i which was actually a gift from my dearest Aunt Gina :D Somehow I'm so lovely that she always give me something :P
And this is the best picture for Chinese New Year ! Five pigs of four cycle ! My uncle2 being the eldest pig, Aunt Gina(2nd eldest pig), my bro(youngest pig), uncle6's wife(3rd eldest pig) and also bear's wife(youngest pig) and her baby being carried by my uncle2's wife (not pig :P). In this picture, it's the happiest face I've ever seen from the girl in the middle. Somehow I'd feel like she is more cheerful in this smile compare to her wedding.


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Dillema

I hate the idea of couples going for dinner at steamboat restaurant during valentines day. Last year we waited for almost an hour just to have a place, looking at those lovey-dovey couples wasting their time acting polite at buffet style steamboat restaurant. If you don't feel like getting sweaty and keeping with your table manners with your partner, please proceed to any fine dining restaurant or anything equivalent, NOT A BUFFET STEAMBOAT RESTAURANT.

To cultivate the spirit of steamboat, one must oblige certain rules as follow:
  1. Stay less than 2 feet away from the pot, so that you can fully enjoy the aroma of the soup and also be sweaty.
  2. Everything put inside the pot must leave the pot within 5 minutes and to be consume immediately even if it is to burn your tongue.
  3. Always have 'yao gui' mentality assuming that the fish ball is the last one you'll ever had in life.
  4. Spend 70% of the time standing up so that you could easily get the stuff inside the pot and keep the process going on (adding new stuffs inside).
  5. If it's a buffet style.. try to make the restaurant owner regret about the concept of having buffet.

Couples should go for something more romantic, or maybe cooking their very own love meal at home. It's so wrong to go for a steamboat restaurant...

My V-days are those days spent with the love of someone and loving someone, not on the highly commercialize 14th February. It's a great feeling after all, the sense of achievement and sattisfaction when you see the one you loved is happy. It's still good even if the effort comes from someone else who is more lucky... as love are meant to be shared :p

Anyway .. guess I could save up my 10% of savings in doing anything nonsense this year :P

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Me, Myself, My Home

It has been quite sometime since my last entry. Life has been frustrating lately due to several reasons and being absolutely busy. I'd moved to my new house for almost 3 weeks and yet it is still a great mess. Firstly, it's because the renovation work aint complete yet and workers wondering outside the house finishing those little jobs here and there. Secondly, there's NO ONE who is good in keeping the house in order at my home. My dad is as good as a big kid, my brother is a lazy bump and will only have interest in making money and me being the youngest brat should be much worst compare to them. The house is still OK, besides having alot of rooms (like 8 of them which make the cleaning job even worst...) it's still quite unorganized. We haven't really shop for furniture and the kitchen cabinet aint done yet either. The thing that frustrated me most is taking an extra 30 minutes to reach home due to the trafic condition.

Moving house is not an easy task. I'm some sort of a sentimental person and would like to keep junk. My dad which is way older than me is worst and his junk could made an extra trip for the lorry. Anyway moving house made me realise alot of stuff, searching through the stuffs that I'd kept for decades and also looking back at my very 'chio' mommy's photos at her 20. We even found her clothes which is kept inside one particular cupboard and guess what, her waistline is like 22' !!!!

I'm good at adapting to new environment but still I'd prefer my old place due to the fact that I meet up with my friends less recently. I miss the gay mamak guy who touch me at Bukit Saga, I miss Shahmaju food and also the chicken rice that we're so close with. The food at my new home is relatively cheap comparing to many places in KL though..

Life has been busy and frustrating. My dad is always having mood swing due to the renovation stuff and his weird ideas. Lecture hours are dreadfully long, having me leaving home at early morning and reach home almost midnight. Smart me, taking extra subjects hoping to have a very honeymoon year during the final year of my Uni life. Anyway, it's not that bad either since I dont have classes on Friday and the reaching home almost midnight part is due to playing badminton with friends and lepaking around.

And yeah valentines day is coming, and for the 20th valentines day I'm again alone ! Sigmund Freud once said this is a stage of life.. 'Intimacy vs. Isolation' or some sort. Am I getting desperate? Oh well, if there's any girl who's willing to bake chocolates for me (like those japanese culture where girls making chocolates for the guys they loved) I'm willing to spend 10% of my savings on her to create a very memorable valentines date..

Its a great deal after all.. 10% is indeed ALOT for those who knew how much I had ...

Happy Valentines DAy to those non-pathetic sweet couples out there :D
And for those who's like me.. we can always have Singles Day like what we had last year :P