Saturday, June 23, 2007

Melodies of Life


I've found above text saved in my pc for quite sometime, written by someone. Today something weird happen, something that I'd never imagine before happened. I still find it kinda odd, but glad that in someone's heart I'm one of the selected nice person willing to help. In fact I do have some good reputation accumulated throughout my life :p

I've been feeling like updating and posting stuffs and pictures bout my china trip and experience but I'm kinda lazy. Enjoy da music !


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy 6/6 Day !

I love occasions and I take them as opportunities to fool around with people and create conversation. Months ago I am lame enough to personally create Monkey Day by spamming people with lotsa monkeys emoticons from MSN and some people actually believed it exist !

While I was browsing one of my old friend's blog.. I found this ..

Aint that so cute :D

Happy SEX SEX Day !

p/s: Almost every of my friends are now attached. I'm worrying for next year's Single Day steamboat event =/ Pray hard that ah mun will be pathetic together with me :p I will be taking off on Sunday 10th June and back on Monday 18th June.