Sunday, July 27, 2008

The little things to believe

Contradicting from the previous post, I'm writing some nonsense due to insomnia (infected from Mishan). A friend of mine used to tell me stories bout how guys used to court her, even to the extend of getting her flowers everyday, and getting all the chewing gums that she like. I used to think that all his determination were pointless, just like a business, if there's no return we shouldn't invest on it.

While lying on my bed just now, I was thinking, and I somehow seen those above scenario somewhere.. somewhere.. hmm. I guess I understand the little things that I was unable to see back then. It's the little things that we believe in life. The Mr. Nice in the above scenario, might believe that for every single effort he did could win even a little bit of her heart. He might have lost his time and resources, but I bet he'd gain a lot, in term of wisdom and life, in the sense of believing on the things you wanted to pursue even though it might not be what we wished to get in return. Many years have passed, and I bet he's a much more refine man now.. not that I know him in person anyway..

Anyway, believing in something might indulge us in a big bad lie, or even won't bring us what we want, but with the right attitude and approach in believing, miracles might happen. Maybe dream is mere dream, maybe achievable, who knows. I have a friend who believe that she'll change the politics in Malaysia. Very ambitious indeed, but with all this little believe and keep moving on, who knows somehow she could start a small spark and cause a big change..

And for me, I believe that I shall strike tomorrow's Jack Pot, and I believe that by writing those numbers under my foot will bring me luck in striking the Jack Pot :P 9 Million here I come :D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008



In case for those that couldn't comprehend the above phrase, it means that even if you believe, there's always lies beneath it. In life, how much can we have faith and believe in others ?

The people that you're closest with and trust the most might be hiding some truth from you, be it for good or bad reasons.

Just like when you're telling your partner that you love her forever, when the relationship is still going on, she might believe on it, and when things turn sour, she will tell you that everything you'd told her is a lie.

I knew a girl who once told me that she never really trust others, as trusting in others make a person vulnerable. This might be the reason why she has little faith in relationship.

I told myself that I believe the day will come.. or am I telling myself a lie ?

Hmmm ... cest' la vie ~ That's life ...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ridiculous Blogging

Lately I'd been less active in blogging, as not much inspirational thoughts came across my mind. I don't fancy writing bout my less dramatic lifestyle, that I believe no one is really interested reading it. I don't think people will care about what ice-cream I ate in past 12 hours or how my last shopping trip lturn out, soooo ridiculous and overrated for people to amplify their boring daily routines in blogs. For me, ridiculous blogging is bout writing all the nonsense that no one is interested at on your blog, unless you're a celebrity and people goes gaga over your lifestyle. I'm not condemning those that blog about their lives, freedom of expressing; as blog is a very personal thing that you're free to write anything you want, gossip around with all the non existing rumours or even posting every single shot of your confident self. In fact everyone has their own blogging style. Mine is more on some nonsense theory or thoughts that came across the mind.. and a little bit of emotional rants once in a bluemoon..

Well, this sums out one of my ridiculous blogging, a short entry for the sake of writing a post to tell all my readers that I'm still alive. To make things a lil more interesting, lets discuss bout the above picture. First thought that will come across the mind would be a couple, maybe kissing. My question is, if the relationship end, who will dump who first =p

Answers in comment :P

Sunday, July 06, 2008


"爱你,不想让你受伤,爱你,只想让你最好。现在我明白了,其实爱一个人在不在身边并不重要,重要的是你(我)是不是在我(你)的心里? "

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday~

To myself =p

Thank you everyone ^^