Thursday, August 21, 2008

Simple Definition

Love is when you're sitting on the beach at night enjoying the wonderful breeze and beautiful stars in the sky, with someone very special that care about you equally like how you care bout yourself beside you, lying on your shoulder. And you started to look into the space appreciating every single moment you are spending with the special someone, being grateful that there is someone so special for you...

Lonely is when in a rainy night, you walk out with an umbrella under the rain to your nearest noodles store to have your dinner alone. Ordering a bowl of hot noodles that could warm you up on such a cold weather, noticing that being alone makes you feel much colder inside your heart than what your skin can feel...

Relationship is to have someone that will accompany you for dinner, and have someone that you could talk anything to, someone that will walk together with you under the rain to the noodles store...

Dog is Rambo...
And he is lovely <3

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Life, Marathon

I always like running, especially in marathon, although I'm not a good runner nor have any physical advantages. Running in marathon has this sense of achievement that if you struggle and hold on till the very end, you'll eventually reach the finish line. I love such feeling of accomplishment, moving on telling yourself that every steps you have made make you a step closer to the finishing line. I love people who work hard to fulfill their dreams without giving up.

Above is a screenshot from the latest TIME magazine about desert marathon, where contestants need to challenge some of the world toughest terrain. If I have the opportunity, I would really want to participate on them. We only have one life to live on, and it would be great that we have run across those places and experience every single bit of it.

As the matter of fact, we're always running in our lives, just in different pace, different finishing line, different course and different obstacles..

Just like how I'm running in my relationship, it's like running on a course without knowing where is the finishing line is, just keep running and running. But the worst thing in a marathon is not about how far the finishing line is, but to have your legs failing on you, and you failing yourself.

If we could run, we should run and never give up.. and eventually it will be the sweetest moment when you cross the finishing line..