Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 Centimeters Per Second

秒速5センチメートル aka 5 Centimeters Per Second is one of the very fine movie that I feel like highlighting. I rarely write about stuff of interests in blog, but this very special movie is indeed uniquely touching, with a very realistic theme and great time line.

Lately the "Twilight effect" has been influencing most girls on how romance should be. In '5 Centimeters Per Second', it's totally a different idea on what you'd think of. Romance it's bout perseverance, innocence, purity and eternity. Memories shall stay forever regardless of time and distance.

Sometimes, we knew that we couldn't be together even if we loved each other..

Sometimes, it's so easy to love someone for his kindness even though you know he's still waiting..

We grew up and moved on, but the sweet memories will always make us to look back once in awhile..

I shall never reveal the plot here.. It might be a little boring, without any climax, nonetheless it's worth watching if you're looking for something unique and out of the box..

And oh yeah .. it has amazingly beautiful animated sceneries that make this movie less realistic :P

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A successful career beats being romantic

Life has been superbly busy lately. Now I learn to appreciate home more. Nothing beats going home looking at the two super cute uber lovely dogs greeting you with lotsa anticipation. Working is as hell boring if you just focus on the negative side, but actually everyday can be a great new day of learning new stuffs even though you are going through hell. Everyday we will learn something new, it's all bout how we observe the happenings around us in different perspectives and approach.

Few days ago, my idol Andy Lau announced that he will marry his 23-years girlfriend from Malaysia. I was wondering, for someone that could wait 23 years just to get married, he/she must be worth waiting, or maybe he's just rich. Being rich is a super factor in a successful relationship. Just like the latest blockbuster teenage love hit "Twilight", has created a super Boyfriend image for all the girls out there; rich, cute, vampire .. etc etc

Nowadays, love companions come in package; 
The Platinium Package: Cute guys with career, romantic and IS A VAMPIRE
The Premium Package: Cute/Normal guys with/without career (can only pick either cute or career), romantic and has all the possible attitudes a normal guy has (football frenzy etc..)
The Value Meal Package: Normal guys with/without career, not romantic, those that dig their nose in mamak stall 

Normally, most of the male species fall under value meal package. Human has a very common attitude. We made ourselves as the standard and compare the people around us with what we have and what we achieved. For instances, a short guy will have a comparison standard of, whoever shorter than him is short and whoever taller than him is tall, even though the one taller than him is also short in average. 

And as usual, we stereotypically compare our partners with others, be it in looks, or materials. And being romantic is the MOST SUBJECTIVE thing in the world. Hereby I reinforce my title once again by telling another story of failure in romance..

There's this couple who stayed together. During night time, the girl was hungry and wanted to eat "fried Yin Yong". So she called her bf who was outside to buy her the food. Being a 'romantic' bf, he promised her to buy it. Too bad the nearest noodle stall was closed and the second nearest noodle stall was half and hour drive away. Since he needed to go work on the next day, he went to the nearest 7-eleven to buy ROTI GARDENIA for her gf.. and of coz.. the gf wasnt those bitch that will merajuk bcoz of eating ROTI GARDENIA, but deep down inside her gluttony self, she wished that only the ROTI GARDENIA could become "fried Yin Yong" .. or at least 'burger ayam special' ..

The moral of the story, it takes less effort when you have a successful career to be romantic, and eventually those that need to worried bout work the next day will lose out..

And if the vampire in Twilight is poor till driving a 'motobike seratus sepuluh CC'.. I doubt girls will still like him ..