Monday, January 21, 2008


(Early Gong Hei Fat Choy from the 3 choi san ! )

It has been awhile since I've updated my blog and this would be my first entry for 2008. Oh well, hoping this year would be an interesting one..

A little bit of recent update..
I'm still having my 3 weeks holiday and luckly I never screwed up my korean paper (guess the lecturer really give us alot of chances). Have been spending alot of time in online games (picture above) coz all the road trips and vacations that we'd initiated never work out at all ! Lost more than RM 10 in mahjong on the very first few hour of 2008 (good omen :p !) and still obsessed with yiruma's piano pieces to the extend of having my brother grumbling bout me looping the same song 24 hours..

New year resolution..
Before entering 2008, I told my friend that I wanna be a 'budak baik' for 2008.. Since I'm always good, that's not a resolution after all. So I should just find a gf : )

Aim of 2008..
Besides buying 2 tickets for every jackpot session as a part of my 'becoming millionaire dream'.. I should get a little bit practical. Recently the trend is about donuts (food business) etc. The other day, I went to Laksa Shack, a so-so not so tasty restaurant.. and surprisingly found out that they have 27 branches ! Food business nowadays are just about the marketing and management.. J.Co Donuts reach its tipping point in spreading the donut epidermic by succesful marketing strategy. Perhaps I should think of some great concept and start my own industry ... hmm..
*They said if you have 1million, you're taller by 1 inch.. if you have 10millions, you're taller by 6 inch.. and if you have 100millions, you're a feet taller ! I need money coz I'm short.. girls nowadays always asking for guys above 180 .. another reason why I'm unwanted =/

Love is about sharing the things you like with the special one.. etc. sharing songs !

Crap Me..
Guess what, believe it or not, I'm taking hair styling course under Snips ..
Maybe this would be my career as well :)

Till then .. HAPPY 2008 ! :)