Saturday, May 07, 2011

Reasons to celebrate

When I was very young, Mother's Day was just another day when we went out to have good food coz Dad's paying. Now that when I am old enough to organize such celebration, I think the next Mother's day celebration will be with my kid's mummy .. or maybe my future wife's mom ?

My mom and both grandparents are not around anymore, and it has really been awhile. It feels kinda empty at such time when you find no reasons to celebrate, when everyone else has dinner to attend and you find yourself alone clicking Facebook while asking others to go hiking.

It's good to have reasons to celebrate something. Since a few years ago I started buying cakes for my dad during his birthdays. Never had the chance to do it with my mom...

So what's the next celebration that you're looking forward ? Better put some effort to make everyone happy =)

Happy Mothers Day .. <3

p/s: Baru teringat I ada mak tiri yg selalu buat I stress =.=


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