Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Empty Words

' This is weird. I want to talk to you. I want to feel your presence. Yet, staring blankly at the open chat window not knowing what to say is sending little jabs of soreness through my heart. '

I copied the above lines from an old friend who loves starry nights, dark chocolates and thinks love is like sunshine. I am feeling those words that she had mentioned above, especially when you feel like it's a whole different world that you are facing and you have no idea on how to move ahead, so much uncertainties and so much to explore.

Perhaps that's what make life interesting. Deep down we know that it's not that easy but we still put our effort to make a chance.

Perhaps it's the expectation from our subconscious mind to make this chance a success that makes us a little more sensitive.

Perhaps it's another unrequited love in life that makes us a little stronger from time time.

I'm still not losing any faith and I'm still training my 6 packs .. ahemmm

It's OK if its just empty words. You said it best when you said nothing at all =)



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