Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Eve ~

Guess that most of the couples out there are trying their best to be extra romantic during this season of the year but this year's valentines seem to fall too near CNY; the gambling mood never click with romance mood..

I guess it's gonna be a quiet Valentines for me, nothing much to celebrate as romance is like the stars in the sky that will never be reached.. My only romance, my doggy, was dognapped a few days ago.. and that really spoiled all the mood..

Anyway for those who's single out there and wish to hook up with someone.. here are some guide for girls out there on how to hook up with guys ( ONLY FOR GIRLS coz if it works for guys I wouldnt be spending V-day like usual :p) ..

1) Get to know their favourite football team.. get two jerseys of that team, wear them and give another one to the guy.. This is a very direct hint towards the guy, and guys like girls who support their team due to ego factor ~

2) Body contact .. even if you're not a couple yet .. when going out together, hold his shoulder or push him around to some random direction acting like you're interested with that place. When there's body contact, there might be some chemistry ~

Ahh .. I'm tired .. enough crap for today .. hope it works out :P

p/s: For the lovey doveys.. everyday should be Valentines. It takes simple thing for a healthy relationship; girls should be a good football-match companion and guys should be a good shopping partner .. a simple compromise :)

Happy Valentines ~