Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cant Sleep n No Idea Wat to Write

Guess da title says it all :P

And I'm sneezing so badly .. hmm ..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Growing Old wit Love

Lately I have been super busy with a 9-7 work and will be super tired everyday I return home. I'd planned to write bout this yesterday but every time after chatting with people via MSN and clicking facebook for awhile I'll be super lethargic to the extend of falling asleep in front of the PC, but for today I'll try to write something to satisfy those who are on holidays and are too free to hover around blogs of random people. It has been awhile since I put up any interesting entry as well.

Since I'd be driving to work after Hitz FM gotcha, I've tuned to Mix Fm's Selina n Peadro's rant and yesterday I heard bout this interesting stuff bout having cold feet during marriage (getting phobia just a month before the marriage) and some do said that it's a bad omen that will lead to affairs. Phua Chu Kang called in and said that when we're facing something important in our life, we tend to get nervous so having cold feet is a no big deal after all. 

It's probably a different kind of nervous that you will be feeling before you get married, most people are afraid that they will find it hard to enjoy the rest of the life with the same person, some will think that if you love someone too much, the fear of losing someone will even be greater, thus getting a marriage is such a big leap.

For me, I always think that marriage is such a wonderful thing. I enjoy seeing old couples doing simple things together like having lunch together in the hawker stall. I enjoy seeing them walking together in the park holding hands. Marriage is about growing old with love..

It's such a great thing to be able to find someone that you really love and grow old together. This reminds me of Westlife's song..

How difficult is it to find such love ?