Saturday, March 28, 2009

Run HutanSeng Run !

I like running, to the extent of sacrificing my sleep almost every morning just to go for a run. I even bought a pair of new shoes just for running.
But the sad thing is that I am never good at running, in fact very suck at it. I tried to chase those who run in front of me but I just couldn't make it. Taking every painful and heavy steps forward, the distance still get wider and wider. Running is like chasing the girl you like, sometimes she runs too fast its impossible to chase!

That's life to me. It's never easy on doing the things you like, or chasing after the girls you like. We can only work harder to push forward.

And tomorrow marathon .. GG =.='

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Facebook Quizzes Are CRAPPY

Lately the new facebook's interface has made quizzes being very popular, its like when you see your friend doing some japanese name quiz and you think it's stupid to get Sachiko, which sounds like a cat name to me, as her japanese name with 5 simple questions. And with that little curiosity and another reason to procrastinate, you stupidly go try out that stupid japanese quiz and get your name as Sanyu aka. penyu ..

Procrastination is one of the strongest force in the world.. it makes us do all the stupid things just to burn that very limited amount of time we have .. just because we hate doing what we're doing ..

Gosh .. I need to be more productive ..

And sorry if this entry is too short to satisfy your cravings ... shall have more 'ilham' if I manage to dream of something nice ;)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Simply Simple =)

Those are the number of peoples affected by the 'simple' epidermic. 

Greatness lies in simplicity.

For those who're still complicated out there, try take a deep breath, slow down, and take a simple step forward. Things will eventually turn out better.

And don't forget to smile =)

KKR Love

Someone sent me this cute picture. This is one funny thing bout love. We try all sort of things just to fit into her world. We workout because we know she likes skinny genes, and we read economics because she enjoys talking bout econs. We even spiked our hair to gain a few centimetres taller just for her.

That's love. Love endures all things, even though we are in different world, or in different part of the world :P