Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I remembered long long ago someone telling me bout keeping squirrel inside a magic bottle :P

Here's a cute fun video bout squirrels !

p/s : I knew you blocked me :P

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Past

I rarely blog on daytime and normally my entries are produced early morning after I dreamt of something or when I can't sleep. This is a special blogging occasion coz currently I am stucked with my thesis, with problems on my circuits and one week to due date, everything is just so tense so I'd think its a good idea to loose a little bit to write something. It has been sometime since I wrote something anyway.

So, this thing of remembering the past came through my mind few days ago when I was having my afternoon nap, I dreamt bout getting in touch back with my long lost ICQ friends. Those were the days when we're young and add random people through ICQ to talk about almost everything without worrying much and some eventually had the chemistry to be a good conversation partner.

I woke up, and log into my ICQ account via web ICQ, or so called ICQ2GO; something i used to log into many years ago. Yup, I still remember my ICQ contact number, 35076738. Sadly in my contact list, almost 98% are offline and I bet those people have long forgotten that they had such ICQ accounts and will never log into them anymore. I've lost touch with most of the random friends, and I still remembered clearly some KKR ICQ nicknames that I used to chat with, KiddoStuffs, BlueSky, Sakuraa, paperplane.. every nicknames brought back old memories and it made me smile.

Knowing that I'm unable to get back in touch with those peoples was a sad thing, so I decided to leave them an offline message with my email just in case they do log into that ancient messenger one fine day in the future. At least I tried. 

For those of you who once have played ICQ before, do log into your account, maybe your future lover had left you an offline message as well ;)