Monday, June 29, 2009

The Best Run Ever !

21km in 2 hours 32 minutes.. not an impressive time but it was a great run .. and it's just the beginning !

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time Changes Everything

Time changes everything and everyone. For the past few years, I think I'd changed to being less ego and less attention seeking. I used to get myself into center of attention back in high school, during classes or in any activities and this somehow made some people feeling disgusted with me.

Now, I'm more low profile and try to limit myself being center of attention by being more humble, less ego and also argue less, although fate sometimes work in a very funny way, like somehow I'd end up getting lotsa lotsa attention from strangers while climbing Broga hill, or somehow a bird flew over n poo on my head.

I wish to change for better because I used to think that you're so perfect in everything.

But somehow, sometimes I'm dissapointed with you now. Guess time changes everything. Maybe I'd changed, maybe you're still the same.

Or maybe we'd never really understand each other...

How much have I change ?

I knew where I'd changed. I'd found new loves .. I love running and outdoor activities !

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I found this from somewhere ...

Friday, June 12, 2009


I can throw a kiss as good as them too .. but still, the song is great :)

Monday, June 08, 2009


I am myself, I made her laugh, I respect her, I'm spontaneous, and I even have my own dogs (maybe my dogs are too big)

No wonder I can't get a GF .. wrong strategy :P

Sunday, June 07, 2009


The word 'forever' is often perceived as meaningless and the biggest crap (scooby's crap is even bigger :p) by those who had .. ahemm .. failed on their relationship when their partners used to tell them that they love them forever.

Forever, etymologically comes from for and ever, in its original sense of always. Ever means always and for doesn't mean eternity. For is just a situation in special condition that that when the condition is met he/she will always (verb = love, run, etc..) aka forever. Just like in simple programming practice, a for loop must have special conditions met in order for the loop to go on indefinitely.

for (mishan = alive&healthy , mishan =! working)
do running();

For instance, when your boyfriend tells you that he will love you forever, he means that he will always love you when those special conditions 'for' are met (conditions like you're pretty, he can't find someone else prettier etc etc....) and we always take the word forever for granted.

Forever is not a meaningless word. It's a way to declare your passion on doing something with certain conditions. Different people has different definition of forever as everyone will set different conditions on it. For me, when I said I'll run with you forever, I'll set the least condition to sattisfy the function (do running() ; do is operator and running() is a function in programming).

And when I said forever, I meant it. So lets look forward for some running next time :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Stages of Love

The father of psychology Sigmund Freud once mentioned about the seven stages of life. Here I'm to crap bout the different stages of relationship. I had learnt from the movie "I Corrupt All Cops" and Eason Chan said that wearing a ring in different fingers brings different meanings. Starting from the thumb is courting, following by propose, engagement, marriage and separation for the rest of the fingers.

In a relationship we do have different stages as well. Firstly would be the flirting stage, or also called testing the market in economic or investment term. This is where you try hitting on someone to see the prospect of the relationship. This stage should not be practiced too long on the same target as your target will think that you're not being serious. 

The following stage is committed relationship. In this stage you 'claimed' that you are being serious to your partner and will spend most of your time with your partner than any other opposite sex species (besides dogs/cats/any pets or your mom for some cases). This stage is the most dramatic stages in most relationships, as there are less obligation as you have yet to sign the paper and yet to have a family, and you tend to follow your heart the most. This stage can be further expand to normal dating, cohabitation or even engagement and sex is one important factor in this stage. Average couples lasted 2-3 years before proceeding to the next stage, and is advisable not to stay on this stage for more than 7 years due some negative effects.

And of course the next stage is marriage. This stage can last forever depending who dies first. A marriage is also divided into few different stages. A newly wed will have all the lovey dovey moments for the first one or two years, and shall proceed to the next stage of marriage, which is starting a family. The second stage of marriage lasted until your children moves out of the house, and this stage is never easy. The third stage will be always be the best in a relationship, when you learn to appreciate your partner after all these years and when most have reach financial freedom. The downside of this stage is that you're not like your younger days when you have all the energy to do what you want, or maybe your partner died earlier than you.

The last stage is the separation stage, and you'll need to start all over again. This stage can be your second or third stage of your relationship. In life we need changes so that we have something to look forward. Relationship is a way for us to look forward on something we'd anticipated. We wish to do things with someone hoping to gain memorable experience. When a relationship turns less interesting, it's time to explore something new, or move on to the next stage (or even the last stage). 

Everything in this world has a linear rule of time and you can't stay on the same stage for too long. It's like steaming a fish. Firstly you season it and steam it for a specific time, not too long and not too short. And then you serve it and eat before it turns cold. Timing is very important just like in a relationship.

So, if you think you're dating someone for sometime, perhaps you should consider looking to the next stage.

p/s: Stupid 'yingyong' from Kim Gary made me write this. You should have stop me from ordering that :p 

Monday, June 01, 2009

The 6 morning post !!!

This is the third day of not being able to sleep ... I am not drinking any tea/alcohol at night anymore !

So... anyone wanna have breakfast with me ?