Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to measure your love

1) When you get jealous when she's hanging out with someone else.
The more you have the feeling the more you love her. To choose between two girls is easy, you love the one that you are more jealous when she hangs out.

2) When you dreamed of her randomly that you loved her.
This will be affected by your daily routines so its less accurate.

3) When you set your priorities on her more than others.
How much are you willing to spend on her birthday compare to others.

4) When you watch porn and still think of her ......
Even Maria Ozawa lost !

Sunday, October 18, 2009

When I LoVe Deepavali the Most ~

I'm not really a big fan of public holidays until I started working, coz its like staying at home and still get money. I love Deepavali the most this year; having a day off and still getting paid. But the best thing is, I got my pay early this month, and it's more than what I'd expected.

Before I'd start working, I was wondering how I'm to deal with the life there since I had a really bad experience during my internship with working life. Surprisingly, I found out that I really don't hate my job now. Time passes quite fast during working hours. Just like last week, there's this Iphone exhibition in my workplace and everyone was so excited over it. Even my boss asked me to 'snake' with him just to discuss about the Iphone plans that were available.

It has been more than two weeks working and so far the experience is quite good. I am exposed to the most advanced broadcasting system in the nation, my first time into a server room and much more. And early of next month .. team building event (can snake again)..

Ain't life good when you don't hate what you're doing ?

It's just like running a marathon :)

And tomorrow = HOLIDAY ~