Monday, December 21, 2009

It fells like yesterday ...

Christmas meant nothing to me until 5 years ago when we went on a date under the stars. It had been the greatest moment together. Time passes, things had changed but yet those memories are still fresh inside me.

It still feels like yesterday to me...

Merry Christmas =)

2009 is going to END

Currently blogging from my laptop (MSI, cheapest 14' ultraportable laptop) and is doing this in an attempt to tell all my readers that I am still alive. Recently have been very busy with work and life, although I am still progressing slowly in many aspect.

First lets talk bout relationship in 2009. 2009 is another failure in term of relationship and I think this curse will continue for quite sometime. There are friends who joined the single club and in just months they already resigned from the club. 2010's valentines day is on 1st day of CNY so no more pathetic steamboat gathering ... BOOOOOOYAHHHH

Okay bout career in 2009, so far so good I guess. Now I'm planning to learn more on interior design so that I could concentrate more on property investment next time. 3 years to go for my plan to start my very own mamak stall.. I hope I get big bonus next year .. or maybe let me strike jackpot .. I need money to open my mamak stall !!!!

What else ? emmm .... I think I lost weight in 2009 :p

Okay ... see you all in Christmas.. shall post again .. bla bla bla bla