Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Tiger Blog

I woke up even earlier than normal working days on this lunar new year.. Maybe it's due to the bed that is too hard for my tiger back.

I don't wanna be lonely and bored.. I wish something nice happen later !

Happy tiger year !

p/s. My lottery never strike.. which means I can buy a new tv

p/p/s. I'm seriously feeling it ...

Monday, February 01, 2010

The 2010 Post

Oh well, this will be my first post for 2010. Haven't been blogging for awhile since I'm less emo lately :p And is very occupied with work and other stuffs. Working life has made me appreciate weekends more. Lately I don't even have enough time to finish all my mangas. Too much other priorities to be done. It goes like this, Facebook > MSN > Manga > Kreko > TIME > FORTUNE .. Thus normally TIME and FORTUNE are left out .. should find sometime for them .. hopefully during my long break on cNY.

And CNY is coming soon in just 2 weeks. Every year I will tell my relatives that I will bring along my GF during visiting. And as usual I failed every year. For this year I'm going to show off with my new sexy GF ~~~~

Happy Valentines n CNY to all that happens to drop by here ~