Saturday, March 13, 2010

1st Class Blow Water

Remember the carlsberg commercial in the cinema, when a group of people stranded in an island seeking for SOS and helicopter with beers come to rescue? I always find the quote in the end of the commercial amusing..

"Whenever there's great beer, there's great stories"

The above quote is very true, because when one is intoxicated, they tend to be more bold to bullshit about their life and other things. We chinese called it 'blow water'. I have no idea how it this word was created, probably due to those saliva blowing off from one's mouth without having any substance in the topics they are talking about. That's why you can see old chinese apeks sitting on restaurants late at night with a few bottles of beers talking all bullcrap bout politics, complaining life, etc. etc. all night long.

In fact, blowing water is a fun thing to do provided that the audiences are equally stupid. Or else it would be 'cakap sorang-sorang' and 'syok sendiri' or pipapipapipa which is quite annoying. But then, we tend to mix around with people around our level, thus most of the listeners are stupid as well. Another reason why you see mamak stall business is doing so well; everyone finding a place to blow water with an environment noisy enough the other table wont be listening to what you bullshit.

Big fat whale blowing water

For years I have been blowing water and until recently when I had nothing better to do and googled my name, I found this ...

Finally being acknowledged of being a first class blow water ~ =D