Saturday, November 20, 2010


My cousin's wife believes that there is nothing fair in this world, be it in career, opportunities or even relationship. In a different perspective, I believe that everything happens for a reason, and for those who are unfortunate to face hardship in life, life is just being fair for them because they don't really fight for what they actually wanted.

There are different perspectives in fairness. The first is for those people who is like my cousin's wife. She accepts the fact that life is unfair as some people are smarter and some people are suppose to be more superior, thus exploiting the whole scenario and lead a good life.

The second are those who think that the world should be fair, everyone should be equal and they hate every moment of their lives as they are less fortunate than others. These people will enjoy their life more if they were born as ants, living a less dynamic life with less variables in life, where every ants (most of them born with the same size, same thoughts and do the same job collecting foods for the ant queen) are equal besides the ant queen, less comparison and feel less bad about themselves.

I choose to believe that the world is being 'unfair' for a reason. You can't blame on others when you are just sitting on your ass without working hard to make life better. Thus, you are what you made of and what you achieved are what you work on. Ain't life fair when you get what you wanted because you work for it?

I went for a charity food distribution for the urban poor this morning and I observed characters of those who are desperately poor finding it hard to survive. It hurts me so much to see young children not having enough food because life is being unfair to them. It hurts me even more when the older ones are poor with attitudes. Maybe life has been harsh to them, they became selfish and denial. During food distribution, they cut cues and tried to get as many free lunches as they could. After the food distribution, some were still sitting along the corridor doing nothing starring at empty sky, not working nor contributing anything to the society or economy. These people, who curse the world for being unfair.. were actually treated fairly due to their lack of conscience.

There was this kid where we wanted to give him extra food but he rejected honestly because he already got his share. It is too cruel to tell this kid that life is being 'fair' to him because he did nothing wrong. He was born in such a hardship life. And we, who is living in a much 'fair' life are suppose to play our role to help.

How much do you believe in fairness ? Different perspectives it may be, work hard on changing your life and the word 'fair' will just be a mere adjective that.

Even Michael Jackson chose to be 'fair' to change his life ...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Achievements Are Overrated

I do admit that I used the word 'overrated' a little too much, but life is really too much of overrated moments. We tend to compare ourselves with the society and setting a bench mark to our own achievements by observing others similar lifestyle. Be it the amount of money we made, the social status we achieved or even the trophy that we obtained. This is why a lot of rich old bastards are getting young mistress just to show off their trophies to their peers.

And we tend to feel slightly better when our friends failed exam together with us, at least we feel less alone, or in a more honest opinion, to feel less likely to be in the bottom chain of the pyramid. It has become a norm to compare who drives a bigger car, who draws a higher salary, who lives in a bigger house and such ideas have been subconsciously planted in our minds since very young. We compared on how many A's we achieved in our examinations, we even got jealous when our friends get a better or more expensive school bags.

I knew people who work too hard just to be recognized. One even told me proudly that he got 'Naruto' syndrome. I used to have big dreams and to achieve a lot when I was very young, until I grew older to learn that the people out there is way smarter and luckier than me and it is impossible to achieve more than Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder).

Discover yourself and know what you actually wanted. Being honest to what you actually wanted to achieve and the easiest method of comparison which could quantify is the amount of money you have. Those who said that they love their job is a big big liar unless they are not getting paid for doing their job aka charity (that is a whole different story). We get paid to work and if we get a better paid job, we change job because we love the extra paycheck, not because of the job.

And if achievements are based on money, all the hardship climbing the corporate ladders will look silly when you strike a 40 million jackpot lottery, which 1 day of bank interest will be more than your monthly pay.

Being very honest to myself, I aim to have a lot of money so that I could retire young and do the things I 'might' like to do. Working too hard for achievement is overrated. Strike a balance on having fun in life without compromising on your future so that when you look back in life you achieved more than the figures in your bank.

This is why I don't sleep that early at night even though I know that I will be sleepy during work. I got better things to do in life than to be a workaholic. I stalk this special someone on Facebook and I enjoy every bit of it =P

Friday, November 12, 2010

I am Here ..

Yes I am ........

Luv YA ~