Thursday, December 29, 2005

Love is more than just trust

In life, we are not living alone. The existance of trust is necessary in order to live a moderate and peaceful life. Trust come with rational thinking. Trusting blindly is called stupidity. I write this post because of someone who had her nickname 'when I learn to trust.. I'll learn to love'

Trust is when you know that the other party will not take any advantages on you. You trust your old friends because you know that he/she will treat you the same old way before and you're not vulnerable to them. You trust them because you think that you've known their characteristic well enough. Just like when you're pretty enough to get all the guys attention, you might have the thought that what those guys are doing are with motives and conspiracy. Same goes to wealth, when you're rich you are more insecure when it come to trust people since you might doubt other's sincerity of getting close to you.

The only people you can trust whole heartly is those who had blood relationship with you. And the best is towards your very own parents, because they love you. When it comes to love, it's not just trust anymore. It's something unconditioned and is beyond the rational thinking. Love is more than trust alone. When you love someone you'll trust em without doubt. Even if you betrayed your dad, he'll still forgive you and said, 'It's OK, he's my son and I love him'..

So learning to trust in order to learn how to love, is so wrong. Trust is based on rational thinking and observation on other party, as well as life experience. It's the same thing as when your parents ask you to mix around with the correct bunch of friends.. so that you wouldn't trust the wrong person; and with your parents experience they could judge better in some sense. When you have nothing to lose, you find it easier to trust people. Love is a feeling that comes from the heart and it should come with trust. Even if you don't trust that particular someone you still love him, since it's a whole different thing. Just like you know your lover is an asshole bastard but you alwiz trust him and believe his empty promise that he'll be someone better..

And we can come with a conclusion that love makes you trust blindly ...

Goodluck in getting blind everyone.. Happy New Year 2006 !

Friday, December 23, 2005

Freaky Friday

Friday is always freaky when you know that there's this fucked up exam during the night time and you're almost very sure you'll fuck it up. That's why I am sooooo dead; hallucinating about my afterlife now !!!

Ok tomorrow will be Christmas eve.. and when it comes to Christmas the stupid Santa never failed to fong fei kei everyone's wishes. Maybe it's because EVERYONE is too greedy. Well of coz, if it's something easily to get why put them in the wish list? Here goes mine:-

1)An hononary degree/doctorate in Engineering so that I cud forget studying all these crap and walk out with a piece of qualification.
2)Black BMW 3 Series .. convertables are also welcomed.
3)A China-girl Wedding Package (consist of a wife, wedding receptionist and 7-day warranty)which cost around RM 20000 :p
4)Liquid cash (Juz bank in directly to my account.. any value above four digits would be fine)

Christmas is materialistic :p

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas

It's already 21st of December, and Christmas is due this weekend, 4 more days to go.. Aint a christian, Christmas is just a celebration of fun for me all this while, a reason to go for countdowns and outing during Christmas eve. When I was very young, I used to get excited during Christmas since my mom will prepare some presents for us. Well that was around 12 to 13 years ago, when I was in kindergarten. Since I was a very young brat, I never believe in Santa Claus so my mom will tell me that her office workers had this trend of preparing presents for good and obidient kids; and I fell for it..

Mommy will prepare the presents for us, and a few days before Christmas she would ask us what we wanted so that she could 'submit' the list to her office workers. I still remembered that there's one year I got a number of beautiful stamps and the other year I requested for a very BIG BOX of Kellogs Frosty (NO IDEA WHY :p).. the following years Christmas was just a plain holiday till last year..

Today 1 year ago, is the day we first met.. and we went to Portugese Settlement for Christmas tree sightings. It's the first time I've received Christmas present after long years.. I've no idea how it would be this year, but last year was great !

Merry Christmas everyone ~

Sunday, December 11, 2005

10 years from now ...

I was doing electronics lab on Friday and this chubby female lecturer who was in charge was seducing me to have a conversation with her, her evil plot to prevent me from completing the lab report... well actually it was my habit of talking crap. So I was complaining how sux my course is and how shitty life wud be, and I spent a whole hour telling her crap that after I graduate I'll join the police force. To think of that, it's actually quite prospectful. Let's say after graduate I'll be 23... joining the force for 2 yrs of and I'll be 25, with the rank of Assistant Superintendant ( all sergeants and inspectors are under me ).. retired at 35 and open my own PUB named after KIMOCHI.

Joining the force seems to be prospectful.. you can bring a patrol car around and the wedding reception is organize by the force too... but sometimes people just have negative thaughts of joining the force, especially when your family and gf(s) does not agree. So I come out with a second back up plan. Since engineering is totally not an alternative route for me, I'll start as a loanshark, gain capital and become a merchant banker at age of 30.. retired at 35 with lotsa money and open my own PUB named after KIMOCHI.

I've this special friend who told me, 'I dun wanna work.. All I wanna do is to go shopping and be pretty'... which is a job of a mistress.

Sometimes we doubt our future, what will we be in 10 years time? What if we never get the opportunity to be as successful as other? My brother is graduating next year and he's off his routine living route and going to either build a career or keep on with a lame life.. and that's what i call challenging..

1 hr from now I'll be eating Nasi Lemak to counter my flu
1 day from now I'll be copying my electronics assignment like no one's business
1 month from now I'll be sitting crappy finals and planning for CNY
1 yr from now .. still the same freaking UNI life
10 yr from now .. I've totally no idea ~ it's unpredictable.. looking forward that day.. KIMOCHI ~