Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yeah ... I'm FAT


MAY 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mid 2006 Report

Another half a year has gone. Time fly so fast and I've completed my first year in MMU. It has been a year since I left Malacca. So what are the events that I have gone through in 2006? Lets start from the beginning of the year..

JANUARY- Celebrated New Year in Bukit Bintang with friends. Having Chinese New Year in Penang. I enjoyed the part during CNY when we got to play some games. CNY's atmosphere is always fun, without dad's angin of course. He's alwiz angin.

FEBRUARY- February's most famous event is, of coz da Valentines Day. Never managed to celebrate it though. Went through few days of hassles trying to get suitable presents but I guess I'd made a bad job out of it. Somehow not destinied to meet up and exchange presents. MMU days were frustrating due to lab sessions. Dota addicted...

MARCH- Managed to meet up with my gf for the very first time in 2006. It's a very belated "V-day".. Spending da night in da playground nearby her house.. and managed to puncture one of da car tyre. Changin tyre is just bearable when da one u love looking at you and keep smiling. Having some problems getting the possesion of the new house. Went back Penang.

APRIL- Grandma's sick. I was worrying bout being barred from MMU too coz of over abuse attendance rate. Went for yumcha session almost everynight, which screw up da normal diet life. Forgot to go for blood donation drill. Been busy with da new house issue.. Dad alwiz angin.

MAY- Grandma passed away. Been busy with final papers and had sleepless night throughout the week. Managed to meet up my gf in a record breaking of twice in a month and meet up with Lih Fang for after a year. Guess that I'm just a sick guy in da head who miss her too much. Friend's car got into terrible accident during exam day, such a thrilling experience. Went to class gathering and had a very good time especially meeting some old high school friends. End of this month I'll be attending a friend's wedding, who once used to have a crush on me many years ago. I'm soooo happy for her :)

And I'll be turning 20 in a month.. guss that I should start up with my wish list for my birthday :p

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Love is...

I just came back from my grandma's funeral. Losing someone that you love, it feels like losing a part of yourself that proof your existance. It is not that significant to me since my attachment and memory towards my grandma is not that much. Everyone was doing fine, but still it's a hard time for people who are too attached with her.

My grandpa is the most affected. When my grandma had her last breath, he was holding her hands and asked her to wake up. He knew that it was her last moment. He hugged her, touched her face for the very last time and kissed her before she was placed and sealed inside the coffin. Every midnight he would look at her sleeping inside, in depression he would took out a cigarrete and smoke.. with some tears on his eyes.

He was over 80 something. He is a stubborn person. He always scold my grandma and both of them alwiz argue. He called my grandma 'oi' and my grandma will call him 'chao hi lang' (pekak/deaf in hokkien). Recently both of them like to have a stroll with the maid, and since my grandma couldnt walk much she will be using wheel chair.They will have small chat on stuff that was happening around. The week when my grandma was admitted to hospital, he was walking alone with the maid and the maid told me tat it's such heartbreaking when passerby that recognized this couple asked about where his partner was. Now he will have to walk alone without his dearest partner. It's such a hard thing to lose someone that has been most of your life. He told my aunt, "It has been 63 years.. she married to me when she was 17 !"

This is why we shouldnt get too attached with someone. But life without sincere love is meaningless. My aunt asked me when did I started having relationship with my gf and I told her 18. She grinned and said that I'll never be able to beat my grandpa and grandma =p