Thursday, November 08, 2007

It has been 7 years

7 years ago on this day, was a day I would never forget for the rest of my life. Since then, a new chapter of my life had begun. Time flies and 7 years had passed. Many things happened in this 7 years, brother getting fatter, dad screwed up his life by marrying someone much inferior compare to you (everyone says that :p), and I'm being complained getting fatter and fatter too. The thing you'd never allow us to do happened, and Gohtong galgal is a part of the family now.

She's such a nice dog and I love her alot. Imagine I could spend time with her sitting beside her doing nothing and she'd just stay there for me. That reminds me on the times I'd spent with my 'ex', sitting under the star together doing nothing.. and that is happiness.

Guess simple things can make you happy when you are in love =)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Holiday Gone ~

Currently I'm still in Penang spending my last night of holiday in my hometown. Somehow this holiday was mostly spend on gaming at home. I was busy playing with Maple Story, an evolution of korean's Hentai Story adapted to South East Asia (just kiddin ..) Spent almost every midnight leveling on this stupid game, spending so much time to increase virtual numbers.

Oh well, at least some stupid online game keeps me less bored and channeled myself from the fatty syndrome. Yesterday I'd somehow accidentally dialed fatty's number due to unlocked phone keypad and that nearly freaked me out. Although it's actually no big deal but guess that proves that I'm still not cured from fatty syndrom. November 12 2006 was the last time we met. It has almost been a year..

I know I can't love you .. but can I still miss you ? Guess that I'm as passionate as a pornstar .. =)

p/s: I'd accidentally found the midi of the song I failed to google from my MSN's Received Files Folder. Someone had sent it to me many years bac ... this song is from Korean Drama Full House. Sweet song .. sometimes in life the things we're looking for are actually with us or around us, just that we never noticed it =)