Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Emotionally Alone

I've no idea what to write here...Feeling very sluggish, lazy, pathetic, unproductive and cranky. I think I should go out more often ...
My friend has this funny way to make me emo .. by spamming lotsa lotsa pooh emoticons in msn..

Sunday, March 09, 2008

A New Malaysia

Disclaimer : This is not a political blog entry and the author shall not be liable for any ISA detention ( we have a blogger in the Parliament now so it shouldn't be much of a problem)

Yesterday election's outcome has marked a new Malaysia as we can see the BN was denied 2/3 by the Opposition and lost several states. It's still to early to predict the changes it will bring to our nation's economy and the citizens' welfare but from what I could see, this time the voters are speaking up. I went to the rice stall nearby my house and a lot of people were discussing bout the outcomes of this election; they were happy with the results and were hopping for a better tomorrow.

Be it better or worst, I'm neither an expert in political science nor an economist but from all the online journals I'd read, there's no reason to go wrong. Anyway, yesterday was an eventful night. I and my brother prepared steamboat (washing, cooking the soup, etc) to organized a gathering amongst the family members and we're somehow planning to make a small party with liquors prepared to celebrate the practice of democracy in our county. When the results were announced, all of them decided to head home earlier in fear of the repeating of May 13 massacre; Chinese and Malays killing each other.

Corruption is another thing, but what sadden me the most is the lack of trust among the people in our nation. I myself as a Chinese do admit that sometimes Chinese are far more racist than the Malays, especially those from Chinese schools (no offence). From my personal experience, while playing DOTA in blueserver, everytime we used to converse in Bahasa Malaysia will result in flaming by others, saying ' Melayu babi .. melayu babi '. The incident of May 13 actually happened because Chinese went for victory parade after winning in the election and came across a Malay kampung (we Chinese know how bad mouth we have.. we curse other people mom's private part for no particular reason) and somehow things got worst, domino effect..

I grew up mixing around with a lot of Malay friends and from what I can see is that they do respect Chinese and are less racist compare to those who pointed their fingers at others talking about inequalities. Yes, our previous leaders have made a lot of double standard scenarios that made Chinese disliking Malays but the fact is that these are all the government's policies. To be honest if somehow the government give us more privileges we as the Chinese would enjoy it too; who would reject gold in this world? There are ways to create stability and peace, and to be honest the New Economic Policy (NEP) is not suitable in this globalization era. It's all about the policies implemented by the government to create stability, peace and also to protect Malay's rights and competitiveness. Everyone needs to survive.

A new Malaysia should not just be the change of ruling system, but also the change of attitude. Respect others, be a Malaysian, love your country. Come to think of it, how many different race friends do you have?

Say no to racism ! Lets create a better Malaysia !

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Midnight Thoughts

It's 3.38am now and somehow I always blog at such hours... when I can't sleep and feeling cranky. Must be the ice-tea I had just now; recently my body have less tolerance toward caffeine effect, must be age catching up. Should blog something to avoid over thoughts of fatty that will lead to more crankiness..

Nowadays it's all about politics; Clinton vs. Obama in the States and also our very own general election that falls on 8th March. All the posters and giant banners of election candidates are starting to pollute every corner of our towns and cities, political related e-mails are being forwarded, bragging about how this and that parties will bring development to our nation.

(vote for the MSN party :P A promising government that will nudge you when you're idle)

For what I'd forecast, the opposition still will not be able to bring any great challenge. Although the people in Malaysia is unhappy with the high rate of inflation in our country, I'd still know a few that would still support the current government because they have this mindset that even if the opposition win, things would still be the same, and if they do win, they'd fear of political turmoils and riots happening all around our nation. A lot of people out there are afraid of changes, just like someone who is stuck with a company without promotion/salary increment and no career prospect but not afraid of seeking another job.

For me, no matter which party win, things wouldn't change much as power always spoil a person. ("No matter who win, we lose " , Alien vs. Predator ) Our country are not bureaucratic enough to control the power abuse of the leaders. Our nation is in hunger with development and it's only 12 years away from year 2020. I seriously doubt we could make it as a develop nation by then, and we can't even compare with our neighbour Singapore, with S48,900 gross domestic product per ca pita figures.

Our country's economy and development is seriously in a very ill condition. We shouldn't be blaming the world's economy when inflation happens in our country. Our earning power is getting less and less compare to countries like Singapore and South Korea, and they were in equal ground with us decades ago. We have abundance of natural resources and they have nothing !

Our nation should rise up. Malaysian's attitude should change to be more productive, instead of wasting time for 'teh-tarik' session EVERY NIGHT complaining bout the hardship of life and the terrible government they're having. We should look at what we had contribute to the nation before blaming all the leaders. We should have more faith on every racial in our country. We should first increase our living standard and earning power and with equal wealth for everyone, no one will be committing crimes (unless for those psychos). We need to have all Malaysians having a healthy and productive mindset.

No matter which party win on this general election, I'm hoping that the leader will seriously put their hearts into developing the nation, not just being proud with their power and abuse it to accumulate wealth for their acquaintances. We should, as a Malaysian, love our nation and develop it.

I'm waiting for the day, the day when we could afford to go for oversea vacation even though we are just an average salary man. The day when our currency value is strong enough to be able to buy an European car with a year's salary. The day when our economy is comparable to Hongkong or London...

Might be just a dream.. but everything is possible :)

That's all for this entry.. time to continue being cranky ~