Wednesday, April 30, 2008

what da heart sees

I was too immature
too blind to see
All that you'd tried to show me
Now my heart sees them clearly
And fate has pulled u away from me

I still see the love in your eyes
Yet I fell the wall built between us
I don't know if I've been obsessed too deeply
Maybe I'm still living in the past

I will not let my feelings to bother you
It is enough for one heart to bleed
I'll learn to live without you
To have faith on what love is

One day the wound would heal
Leaving memories that will always remind me
Of your divine love so surreal

Adapted from an old friend's entry.. being cuckoo after having too much Oreo till writing all these nonsense at midnight -_-" ~

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stories ~ v1

Since some were complaining bout how slow my entries were, I'm going to share something with all of the readers out there. Today stories will be about life of students studying in college and staying in hostel, a true story that happened in Malaysia ..

Disclaimer : For those who're freaking out sleeping alone please do not read, especially when you're staying in hostel..

Story #1
Jack was a normal uni students that stayed in the hostel. He had this roommate, Dennis who was a real player. Dennis was good looking and charming, and could go pick girls back to sleep with him easily. He'd always bring his girlfriends back to his room to have some normal routines. Jack and Dennis slept on a double decker bed, and Dennis occupied the top section. Since it was so common, Jack would just pretend not noticing anything and continue sleeping when Dennis was doing it on the top of the bed. One day, as usual when Jack return to his room, he noticed that the room light was switched off, and there were figures on the higher top of the double decker bed. Being a nice roommate, he decided not to switch on the light and straight went to the bottom section of the bed to sleep. The next morning, he heard someone knocking his room door and he woke up. He smelt something fishy, those scent of blood and was shocked to death when he saw Dennis' head hanging on the window of his room. When he turned around, he noticed there were writings on the wall with blood ...

May was a bright girl. She had a small figure, timid and always do well in all her exams. For every semesters throughout her college life, she managed to get herself top of the class. May, like every normal college girls stayed in the hostel, sharing a room with Emily. Of course, there were good and bad times in life, and things suddenly struck May. She broke up with her boyfriend, had financial problems in family thus causing her in serious depression. For the coming test, May screwed up in her papers as well due to depression. The May in Emily's mind was always in the top so Emily did not notice that May was facing a serious problem. One day, when Emily returned to her room, she couldnt find May, and thought that May had went out. The next day, May had yet to return, and Emily asked around other friends if Emily had gone back to her hometown, and her friends said that May was last seen the day before in her room. Emily had a weird feeling but decided to just ignore it. Later during the evening, Emily heard May's handphone ringtone. She thought May had came back to the room but she was no where to be seen. The phone was still ringing, and Emily tried to trace May's handphone, until she was very sure that the source of the sound was inside May's closet. Emily then opened the cupboard ......
was so surprised that May hung herself to death inside the closet .......

Morale of the story ~
1. Always switch on the lights of your room before you enter
2. Do not open others' closet

p/s: Above stories are fictional .. just to make the readers feel more suspense thus claiming that it's a true story .. anyway, such things do happen as suicide and homicide are quite common in this ill society ..

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sami Seng's guide to be a buddhist

Remarks : For non buddhist readers, you can still go through this entry as it's more on a personal views towards buddhism and quite nonsense anyway ..

For those who had mistaken me as Sami Vellu, mind you that I'm far better looking compare to him, and he's more of a comedian not a 'sami'.

For starters .. lets look at this video clip :D

The mantra name is 'da bei zhou', notice that the guy is quite cute. So firstly what I can conclude is that buddhist are mostly cute like me :D

There are few simple rules to be a Buddhist. One of the most important essence is moderation. The buddhist way of living is moderation; be moderate in everything. Moderate means not over doing it, or being extreme coz extremist leads to terrorism, which is not healthy. There are many ways to apply moderation in our life, like eating fast food moderately (to avoid arteries being clogged), work moderately and even watch porn moderately.

Moderation will prevent obsession and addiction. For instance, watching too much porn will result into over self desire and might lead to something nasty. There's this buddhist talk about preventing oneself from obsession and addiction. In fact, the most important is self-control coz when you have the ability to control your mind, you'll be less obsessed with whatever you are addicted with. Some might questioned, why not just stop watching porn ? Again we could apply moderation here. Not watching porn at all is like putting yourselves in an extreme morale curfew, and anything extreme is not good. If you do not have the habit to watch porn, then it's fine not to watch at all.

Another buddhism traits is to be healthy. Look at those shaolin monk with shaolin kungfu; everyone of them have a strong body. This is why I'm asking my fellow buddhist friends to join Penang Bridge marathon with me :D

Oh and yeah, buddhism is also about karma; be nice to others and others will be nice to you, doing good deeds will bring others happiness.

Unknown facts about buddhist monk :
A buddhist monk does not need to be a vegetarian. A monk will eat everything that is offered to him and the principle is unnecessary killing. Buddhist do not kill, even for food. Buddhist monk has no income and their food/stuffs are from donations. When buddhism is spread to China, chinese people are more shy to seek for donation thus they plant crops to support themselves, thus bringing a culture of vegetarian.

p/s: this post is not an official post that is reflecting buddhism, just some simple point of view from sami seng.. for me, buddist is about being moderate, kind and loving, and most importantly cute :p Buddhism is more on a teaching and not religion, we are not required to offer prayers but most importantly we should practice all the good habits, although there are some teachings that i do not agree (i can't resist on killing mosquitoes that bit me)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I had friends who had relationship problems lately; in a way both of them being dumped. Hope all who are related will be alright soon, and still have faith on love coz it's a beautiful thing. Accumulate good karma for a better tomorrow =)

Above picture was found on the net, and those are the lovey dovey stuff couples do on the beach when they're so much in love with each other...

Love aint just doing romantic stuff together
But to care for the one you love
And have a place in your heart for her
And always have faith in love

Even if you're not together anymore, be proud that once you've been with that someone special.. and that's LOVE ~ A noble feeling with no hatred and ill intentions, a beautiful memory, and a good sincere wish for all the people that had cross path with you~

p/s : I do sound like a real buddhist .. haha