Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cutest Guy Ever

p/s: And shortest post ever :p

Saturday, February 21, 2009

when I can't sleep I blog ~

Many years ago when I just entered university, I'm a little proud of myself being an undergraduate. I felt myself slightly better than others in the same age group. Now, in my final sem, I'd actually feel a little insecure and afraid to move on to the next stage of life. Maybe it's because of my achievements during my uni years, which is nothing compare to most undergraduates, or maybe it's the fact that the next stage of life will be a very long and hard journey. 

I fear for not being able to compete with others. I fear not being able to achieve my dreams. I fear of not being able to catch up with certain someone. 

There are times when you wish you could achieve more. And I'd hope I will be able to do so on the second half of 2009. 

I wish to have someone special with me lying on the soft white sands and looking at the stars, talking bout our dreams.
I wish to have someone special with me lying on the soft white sands and looking at the stars, 50 years later, talking bout our accomplishments.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 random things

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. i am only doing this because i can't sleep i was tagged by JoN 
2. i think someone woke me up with an 'oi' :p
3. i survive with potatoes and eggs
4. i used to argue with my brother on the portion of potatoes
5. i love dogs, and i have two very huge ones
6. i am a psycho
7. i love economics
8. i can tell stories on economics even though sometimes i doubt the stuffs i told
9. i learn to trust people less when i grow older
10. i flirt alot
11. i believe in karma
12. despite alot of flirting, i'm still single
13. i love travelling but is always lazy to plan one, prefer to 'shoot' straight
14. i can read people's mind accurately
15. i am very observant and sensitive to surroundings
16. i dont like sweet stuffs and the only sweet stuffs i like is Secret Recipe's cakes
17. i love to watch Discovery Channel, stuffs like Extreme Engineering etc.
18. i enjoy watching most movies 
19. i am super stingy to myself, the only thing i'm willing to spend is on food
20. my house is super dirty
21. i spend most of my time in front of the PC
22. i can remember events pretty well, to the extend of telling the clothes that he/she wear
23. i love martial arts and musics
24. i am never really good at anything particular
25. i'd actually have to think on what to write even though it's something random

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Modern Art of War

I am amazed with this comic, The Ravages of Time, stories of Three Kingdoms during China's warring state. It tells us on how the warlords of different clans plan their strategies to accomplish their goals and territories, how the strategists planned, anticipated their opponent moves and read all the psycological factors in the battlefield. Strategists that had made their names on the history book is never ordinary; Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi, or even warlords like Cao Cao. Those were the days where accomplishments were measured on the territories that you conquered, or the battles that you had won.

In modern days, war is no child's play. An atomic bomb during 1940s could take out an entire town, and during 1940s, your ordinary PC now has the computing power better than the whole military back then. The setback of war will be too much for mankind to take; with the advancement of technology the world could burn down in minutes. 

The war is still going on nowadays, just at different ways. It's what you do to be wealthier than others. It's a symbol of status and glory. Just like how all the recession cycles happen every 10 years. The distribution of wealth will not have any changes if there's no one manipulating behind it. That's economy. Economy exists when mankind brings the warzone to different field. If things are to let it move as it is, there will not be any issues on the economy. Even during depression period, the wealth are still in the market, just in different hands. 

And how we see it now, strategists in the business world are doing all they could to gain the most distributed wealth, and manipulate how things will be going in years to come. It's just like how the fuel price was speculated for the benefits of certain group, and how Asian economic crisis happened during late 90s. 

Lets talk bout the current situation now. In order for the economy to move, someone will need to spend money. This will start from the government, and they will start printing money. When the currency is not backed by gold, it will float and caused inflation. By then, food price will increase dramatically. But when you're thinking why food when the production of food is always there without shortage, it goes similar to the fuel price. The fuel ain't short either, it's manipulated by someone behind to gain the most out of this war. The economy will go on this way, recession happens, someone will lose the war and someone will win. 

I'm no strategist nor economist, this is just a personal view of mine based on conversations with others and simple readings. There is always people smarter than us, so smart that those are the people manipulating the whole economic structure behind. I know someone whose aim is to achieve such altitude, someone who wish to accomplish big, or even wants her name to be in the history record. But deary dear, sometimes such accomplishment is just as good as having triple Obama orgasm; we can.. ahhhhhh .. yes we can ..ahhhhhhh ... yes we can .. AHHHHHHH :p 

This post is dedicated to you, a little economic rant to spice up your passion as a birthday gift so that you got much more inspiration for your economic research proposal. Happy Birthday, and may your dreams come true, be it triple orgasm or making your name into history .. or both ;)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Cape No.7 海角七號

Another review for romance flick, Cape No.7 is actually a good one for those that think love is overrated. This movie offers you cute japanese girl (this reason is already enough for you to watch it), a cute keyboard player, old ah pek and much more interesting characters. 
Although personally I think its poster is a little dull, and the story flows too slow yet has very little romance elements despite all those cheesy Japanese narration, this movie should captivate the heart of music lovers. What I like most is the optimism of certain characters and the room for them to grow in the movie; I hate static characters in movies. The songs are quite good, Kousuke Atari has a good voice and the overall storyline is good as well.

The only setback is that it is 2 hours plus... which is too long for a romance movie. Only action movies can made it more than 2 hours, people has limited patience in keeping their focuses, especially on such romance or comedy movies. It's dreadful to sit in the cinema for more than 2 hours without wanting to go to the washroom. So the best recommendation for this movie is to watch it's DVD, have your own sweet time enjoying it on your comfortable sofa at your very own pace. Not advisable to watch in cinema, but a good material to spend your free time.

それぞれに (各自遠颺) Kousuke Atari