Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moving forward 2011

Note: Thanks to Teh Tarik, you now got the chance to read my blog =P

Bunny !!

Well, in less than 2 weeks we will enter the year of Bunny. I am writing this to remind myself to move forward in 2011 and make this year an awesome year. I got freaked out, having cold feet and lost track thanks to the roller coaster relationship stuff I'm actually feeling, when you know someone like you and you like someone and that someone is actually not the same one, and in both ways you cannot afford to screw up.

The greatest teaching of Buddhism is the art to pursue happiness. That alone reminds me to be happy and think of the bright side. To think back, people in the workplace fall for me due to my cheerful character.

You can't stop someone from liking you coz you're hot, so just continue being hot and continue getting all the perks from it.

You can't let someone stop you from liking someone, so just do it without regrets.

To try hard enough is to try less. It's like someone trying to get the dream job he wanted, only to find that the dream job is not really that great. I think it is best to get the job that you slowly find passion on it and love it after you are doing it. We're not suppose to push ourselves too hard, same goes to all aspect of life, even in relationship. Things will turn out great eventually. Even if it screws up, it took less effort to clean the mess than to make sure it doesn't screw up.

At times, cure is better than prevention. So stop worrying too much !

Oh and yeah .. you should be worried coz I'm getting too sexy =P

I'm definitely winning my bet ~ ;)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Confess and being confessed

Which one would you prefer ?

Both equally screws you up when you are in a bad day ...

Or screws your good day if the wrong person confessed ...

Or maybe you confessed to the wrong person ...

That's what I'm feeling right now ...

Bah ... I'm gonna treat like nothing happens and do 100 sit-ups

I got really freaked out just now ...

p/s: I don't have the courage to confess yet coz I know I WILL screw up !