Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Relationship ..

A friend of mine told me today that her friend walked out from the cinema after 15 minutes of the show. Some even said that the poster itself is enough to stop you from giving this movie a chance.

Me being a movie fan actually give it a chance and despite all the lame horny jokes and predictable storyline, I think it is kinda cute romantic comedy in a different perspective. This movie is bout two superheroes getting together and live an ordinary life.

The thing I like about movies is that we could learn a lot from it. In fact few of my philosophies came from random movies that I'd watched. Like the movie above, it tell us bout how lucky it is to find someone with equal interest and characteristic, someone with similar thoughts and ideas of life, someone you and her are willing to spend time with.

In reality, relationship is not that ideal. You might find a good shopping companion, a good movie partner, a good listener or even someone with similar interest but is he the one that will be significant enough to be a part of your life that you will remember after many years ? Relationship, is about two souls crossing path and two straight lines will not meet each other again once they crossed each other. It is for us to initiate and decide where this crossing turn into a knot or if it is significant enough to be remembered in later years.

We had crossed thousands of souls. There might be some that has equal 'superpower' like us and very compatible to us, just that we do not notice or put enough initiatives to make it a memory.

If you had someone in mind, take some initiatives. You will never know if he or she is the superhero that you're looking for and that crossing might be a potential knot.

p/s: I'm not promoting the above movie as it ain't that good. Who wanna catch 'All Well Ends Well' with me ? Note that I do take initiatives to make every crossings a memory .. a knot is overrated to me =P

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Wisdom words of CNY

CNY actually makes you look at things at different perspective and reflect on the things that you had felt less obvious previously.

And throughout this CNY I'd learn something ..

1. Home cook food is the best food in the world and something money can't buy. I had a great dinner in Chor 1 and Chor 2 at relatives place and the food was so good. Was quite disappointed when I was told by them that this will be the last year they will be cooking (due to age catching up). I had great and expensive food by our vendors in restaurant .. all I need is some simple home cook food !

2. When going on a movie date should ALWAYS buy tickets in advance to avoid any disappointment. I had learnt my mistake and actually found out that even bookings online with my credit card also entitles me for discounts.

3. Guardian's Disney cuties is actually one hell good marketing gimmick =P No doubt it's kinda cute but it makes you spend unnecessary, like buying Ice-creams just to top up for the amount of stickers ..

4. Shall not post online on the numbers that you have bought .. Jinx Jinx ~

Happy CNY to all my dearest readers =P