Monday, May 30, 2005


Tonight I'll be leaving UK. It will be the shortest day in my life coz I'll lost around 10 hrs inside the plane. I'll reach Malaysia tomorrow night and the journey only takes 11 hrs, blame the earth for turning too fast. Will update later ~

Friday, May 20, 2005

Destination UK !

This will be my last entry before I go to UK. I just came back from Genting Highlands. I'm starting to influence my friend the habit of going genting for ' yumcha ' session and hope they will like it. Genting is not that cold anymore; maybe I'm just hot. The actual reason me and my friends going up there is to meet another friend of us and he's up there with a bunch of girls ( good luck to him :-P ). Starbucks are too sweet :-/ , I spent around RM 61 to treat my friends in starbucks but it's worth it, David's cousin who's working there giving us 30% discount and another free drinks. Then we went up to our friends' apartment and have steamboat there.. and I had some liquor too, nothing much ~

Tomorrow I will be going to UK, for 10 days i guess; and I won't be online. I'll definitely miss her. It would be so good if I'm rich enough to pay for international roamings and call or msg her everytime; being rich sure is fun. Later I'll be heading to Penang with my cousin. Need to pack my stuff for the trip, it's 3 morning already and I've so much things need to do. 24 hours a day aint enough after working for a long period. For those who read my blog; I'll be around 8000 miles away in 2 weeks time. Please don't call my phone or even SMS me, I've activated roaming but the charges are expensive. Sent me an email if you really love me; I might be able to draw out some time to check it :-)

Hope I'll have a wonderful journey; will be busy once I come back from UK. Housing issues really make me headache. Sometimes I'm just not an ordinary college students ... life might be busy ~

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Work work work !

I'm a workaholic. Yesterday I was like doing my part time job from 10.30 am till 10.30 pm. I always told my supervisor that I am suffering from a break-up aka ' sat luen ' and wants to work non-stop to forget everything. She will laugh like hell everytime listening to that. In fact the reason I want to work, 就是不要想他这么多 ... I think' I'm vulnerable these days. I trust her so much and the chance of getting hurt when our relationship comes to an end one day is scary; who knows what will happen in the future.

I just hope that it'll always be the same, if not better. It's not that I'm a low self-esteem person but just that when you're dumb enough to trust everything without doubt, you're WEAK emotionally. That's why loving someone might be scary... gotta go to work ~

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Chor Yat, part time and obsession ...

It will be around two weeks before I fly to UK. I'm doing some part time data entry job right now and the paid is not bad for a part timer. Yesterday I told my aunt about my ' low paid ' job and she was laughing. After doing some calculation, she said that for everyhour I work can only get me a piece of bread in London; might as well fly there and work as a baby sitter getting around 30-50 pounds per night ( 1 pound = around RM 7 something .. not so sure ). For me the job is just to fill out my daytime. Keeping oneself occupied is essential to prevent brain rooting. If I'm doing nothing my brain will be wondering around, thinking of stupid stuff .. which is scary ~

My dad is back from honeymoon and guess what, my souvenir = cheese hotdogs. Well, they really taste good. Notice that this month daddy spent less than 30% of his time at home. This morning was chor yat in chinese lunar calender and I'm responsible to take care of the altar since daddy is away. It's my 1st time to go market and shop for fruits and flowers for it. I don't know if I bought the correct fruits or place the correct number; did my duty that daddy left for me without even telling me properly what to do. I am always not really into religious thingy. For me, as long as you did something that you're not going to regret it yourself and never affect others it's good enough than praying 5 times a day. Anyway all this is somehow a culture to me, passed down by our ancestors on how to offer prayers during chor yat and we should practise it correctly.

My friend's obsession on hexic is scary; reminds me on how my daddy's extremist act. There's once I introduced him a game and gosh ~ he got addicted and played non-stop. I am getting hungry now ~ HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ! Wish all mommy in the world being healthy and happy ~ You all will get my blessings !

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I did something stupid yesterday. Well it's not that stupid after all. Human always do stupid things. At least I really enjoy the moment we spend together ... it's worth a journey!