Friday, January 30, 2009


Grandma : How old are you already ?
Tatt Tatt : Oh .. only 22 this year (obviously lying)
Grandma : Ohhh ... You know, you should get married already !
Tatt Tatt : =.= ohhhh
Grandma : I got married to your grandfather at 18. He was 20 that time. Ah Kun (my dad), faster let your son get married. Then you can become young grandfather !
Tatt Tatt : *trying to ask other cousins yet to get married to sit beside grandma~*

My grandma is growing older year by year and now what she's looking forward is her grandchildren's wedding dinner. Her aim is to attend at least one wedding dinner every year. Now she even had short term memory loss and hearing problems. She will start some conversation herself coz she couldn't join others due to hearing problems, and she will talk about those stories many many years ago, like 20 or 30 years ago. But her favourite story, which she repeated at least 3 times everytime we meet is..

Grandma : How long still to graduate ?
Me            : Another half more year ..
Grandma : You know, you're very pretty.. like a girl
Me             : =.= Oh thank you
Grandma : Last time when you were young, the newspaper seller that delivered newspapers always asked where the pretty girl was when you were not around
Me             : =.= Ohh..
Grandma : You should wear a dress then everyone will think that you're a girl ..
Me   : =.= Ohh..
Grandma : You are a girl !!
Me             : =.=

And that's how annoying it is when she repeated such conversation 3 times everytime we meet, and everyone in the family would laugh again and again as if they have not heard it before. 

Still, she's becoming older and older, and all I know is that she enjoys seeing her grandchildren. Should visit her more often, despite being a girl everytime I do so .. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Middle Finger of Life is to have a Big Mole

Since all my relatives grown up, the new year mood has been less exciting. I still remembered the time when I was very young, running around the 'kampung' playing fireworks and also playing cards. Now everyone is too old to run around and not much people to play cards with. But this year it's a little more cheerful with some nephews starting to grow up and play with, so it's still not that bad.

And I was grateful this year that my dogs are safe and sound. Last year's tragedy really made the worst new year of my life. I guess the donations that I'd made on new year's eve really paid off. I went to this monastry and made the biggest personal donation from my account to the buddhist monk. The activity is called offer 'dana', where you offered the monks food and gifts. I bought a robe for RM60 to give it to the monks, and the management would resold the robe to people like us to buy again. It's like giving them money to sustain their monastry in a legit buddhism way; monks cannot accept money from others.

Anyway, giving is about sharing merits. To say that I hope for nothing back in return is a lie. I do wish for good karma, a better luck, and also wish for my dogs to be safe and sound. Everytime we give something we'd subconsciously asking for something in return. It's just like asking a girl out for a date, treating her expensive dinner and giving her flowers, it's either to win her heart or to get into her pants; either for a good reason or a bad reason. 

I should learn to give more and make more donations. Sometimes opportunity is about luck, no matter how hard you're ready for opportunity but it never came, it's pointless. I'm not that greedy, I just need enough luck and opportunity to make enough money so that I could personally hired a domestic maid to take care of my dogs, so that I wouldnt be that worried going back hometown during chinese new year. But then, it's not possible for me to hire one coz you need to have either old people staying with you, or have children to be eligible. Guess I need more luck in getting a wife soon enough too ..

I'm not that greedy, I just have a 'Big Mole' in life... :p

Happy Moo MOo year everyone ~ ~

p/s: translate the above title to cantonese for better understanding of it :P

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Good BF

I've got to know a friend during internship and he's really fun to talk with. His story of being a good BF is really amusing, telling us how he used to bake cakes for his girlfriend. For me, baking cake is a simple task but I don't have a stove at home, and my damn stupid EGO forbids me from going to my friend's place asking for their help just to bake a cake for someone I like. At least that was how I used to be. I have this stupid EGO thing that forbids me from doing the most ridiculous thing to impress a girl, and being rational as always, I will end up doing something ordinary for being practical.

And yup, that above image is a birthday card that I personally did for fatty, kinda retarded looking but for now I shouldn't be embarrassed about doing such thing anymore, which is why I posted it up here. And for friends that think I should move on and not caught in the past, trust me I really do. The previous post is not about her anyway. We might be more than just friends, because she's someone special that has taught me to be someone better. 

I do believe that I'd never play a good role as a good BF before, and if given opportunity I should be doing better.

A good BF should once in a while date his beloved to some fancy restaurant and get her flowers, even if it seems to be really impractical; paying for expensive food and spend most of the time waiting for the food than eating it ..

A good BF should always initiate to give a call to his beloved, but always give her enough space for her own privacy ..

A good BF should allow his beloved to go clubbing once in a while even though he might not like it, coz she won't like him playing Dota either .. (working in the club is another different arguement)

A good BF should treat his beloved like a woman, and also pampered her like a girl ..

A good BF should improve himself occasionally, or at least on par with his beloved, coz all girls like someone with sense of security (lack of security attracts nightmares), unless she's someone that always wanted to form her own 'kerajaan' :p 

And of course, a good BF needs a good GF to keep things moving on 

So I guess it's all bout karma :P

Friday, January 02, 2009

when it comes it comes

I just had a dream bout you ..

It feels weird yet nice ..

Oh well and it's not a wet dream ..

Coz when you set it to manual mode, the automatic mode is eventually set off ..

And today doesn't feel like Friday due to yesterday's off ..

It's like you think it's not although it is ..

It's like you think you're doing the wrong thing although deep inside you your heart feels differently ..

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Is it just me that feels that somehow the economy crisis has affected the new year mood of everyone, this year I have been receiving very little new year wishes unlike previous years. Or maybe the network of peoples that I knew have grown old enough not to get excited with the changes of numbers in the calender. 

New Year Eve was spending time playing mahjong with some besties (won a few bucks thanks to some lucky 'fei') and having some 'fine dining' experience with another close friend. I felt that I'm already passed the age of going overcrowded places for countdowns like what I used to do few years ago. 

2009 is another year looking forward. Instead of having some crappy new year resolution that I'd never managed to achieve any last year, I'm gonna do some wishes..

I wish for a prosperous year with good career
I wish my dogs will grow bigger and healthy
I wish to find someone to hug

And I also wish for happiness, especially for everyone that I know..

Since I'd never really wish everyone this year, I'm taking this opportunity to wish those that are visiting this blog