Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mamak Chat

One of the shitty part of my biological system is that when I consume alcohol or Teh-O (lipton or any yellow tea.. my body can accept chinese tea quite well) I can't sleep. And when I can't sleep, you can see me blogging.

So just now we had a fun conversation during the Teh-O session, Keat told Mun to find a FUBU from his uni mates to cure his jiwangness and Mun said that all of them are not a suitable FUBU candidate due to their 'kekuatan iman'.. so this is what Keat taught us:

Keat : Hi.. wanna be my FUBU ?
Girl  : But we are friends.. it's not right to do it ..
Keat : Then, tonight we'll be boyfriend/girfriend and tomorrow we'll be friends back .
Girl : Oh .. ok :)

Above scenario is just a simulation by Keat and has no guarantee on the success rate. But still, Keat is always claimed to be the most 'bahagia' among us so he has all the rights to say all these nonsense :p

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Midnight post

Yes .. YOU .. :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


1) Outside temperature is roughly 36 degree Celsius and will last till September according to weather forecast. I'm so gonna get sick many times with my extreme heaty body.

2) The indecisive chocolate obsessed nom nom monster has even become a football watching companion. He's so lucky ...

3) I need a running companion to keep with my training routine, or else I'll pig every morning.

4) Baccarat is nicer than roulette.

5) The noodle house opposite my house is seriously overrated.

6) I'm going to try on a new online game.

7) Why is the weather so hot ? I need my icy princess !

8) I love being random. I find it cute when someone simply change topic in conversation provided the conversation is lively. I dont like people who initiate conversation but stop halfway either forgetting what to say or thinking of not saying the rest of the stuffs.

9) I even use random heroes in DOTA.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Casino d' Love

Love is like gambling, just like betting in a casino. People say, the odds are 50 - 50, love or not love, just like a normal roulette game win or no win, regardless of the odds. The probability of every round is independent. The last round you buy odd on roulette and lost, doesn't make your chances of winning higher this round if you buy odd again. Same applies to love, you got dumped on your previous relationship doesn't mean you got a higher chance this time. And for most games in the casino, most odds are against you.. just like unrequited love :p People still choose to bet because they think they're the casino raiders; too much Chow Yun Fatt movies.

A simpler love game is equivalent to Baccarat. In this game, the chances are really 50 - 50 as the casino wont gain any commission from you, different from roulette or other available games. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose .. sometimes you're loved, and sometimes you're not. But then, a lot people think that they are casino raiders, and bet on impossible such as Banker-Tie, which pays 8 times more. It's like hitting on a pretty model beyond your league, most likely to lose but the gain is good when you win.

Still, it feels good to win five round's of Tie .. and somehow I felt like I'm like the casino raiders.. just minus the hot girls as shown in movie.