Saturday, July 29, 2006

Heart VS Brain

Heart: I miss her so much, maybe I should call her and tell her my feelings.
Brain: NO NO.. What is the point of you doing that? You will gain nothing and might even screw up youself if she ignores you.
Heart: Oh well, at least I could listen to her voice..
Brain: Grow up, pump faster ! Lets consider the consequences that will happen in logical ways. According to previous track record, such time she would be busy and your annoyance will only result in "Yeah fine,uh,ok" conversation. That will even turn you more down and pathetic, being indirectly "REJECTED".
Heart: You think too much !!
Brain: The neurons are very rational in analyzing. We should not do anything that has zero return. Just like when you have nothing to do, you shouldnt engage in a date and when you have nothing to say, you shouldnt engage in a conversation. Emotions will kill you and you will fall into the ugly pit of patheticness!
Heart: Arrghhh... OK

The heart pumps slower and less blood reaches the brain, causing rationally thinking to shut down.

Heart: At least I'm gonna send a message to her .. (Finger punching words and send before brain recovers sanity)
Brain: NOOOOOOOOO.. You're such an idiot. This will cause imbalance in the relationship. Now that you've take the initiative to do such a stupid thing, you're in the losing side and you will be owned..

Brain starts to send signal to nerves to control the heart from abusive pumping, resulting a very abnormal pulse rate that leads to hypertension. Heart disagree with brain's theory and non-stop harrasing the brain to function properly by not supplying enough blood. Later, people regard the owner of the brain and heart as a psycho..

P/S: Above story is not related to any real life incident, just a way to waste time during this rainy evening =p

Thursday, July 27, 2006

What I see in you

The other day I was looking at this guy who is kinda cute while waiting for my friends outside the tutorial class. Then we discuss about it so loud(not noticing that we're disturbing the class) and my friend couldnt agree that he's good looking. Everyone see different criteria when judging someone and it's very subjective. For me, the charm are not just from the look, there's something mystery beyond it..

A guy can judge another guy better compare to woman, although it might not be fair to have such claim since we guy never know what woman really wants. Comparatively, guys are less complicated than women. What I see in you(it's for female.. I'm not stating the male list to avoid this page being spammed by gay internet hooligans)...

1. She shall not complain too much about woman rights, instead prove herself in other ways.
2. She shall not commit three sins of mankind, gambling, alcoholic and 'man-izing'(fucking around with guys.. a feminine word for womanizing)
3. She shall love her family. Those who never love her family is a loser, same goes to guy.
4. She shall not be offensive in any mean of casual conversation. Cursing will just leave a very bad impression.
5. She shall be cheerful even if it's the particular day of the month, unless something really bad happened. Women who never smiles are worst than fugly bitches.
6. She shall be independant and always trying to improve herself in any related fields.
7. She shall be open minded and sporting.

Above list are minimum criteria in what I see in woman that is attractive. Now lets go further in the type of woman I seek as a gf
1. She shall not lie to me. I'm very good in finding it out. Only lie when it's best to lie and lie only when it's a good lie.
2. She shall love and respect everyone I love, especially my family. Friends can be tolerated because some friends are chin-kak.
3. She shall know how to make me feel special.
4. She shall know how to make me love her**
5. She shall be supportive towards my life.

**I hate it so much when a girl complains about how bad her bf treats her. It's partially her responsibility failing to make his bf love her and die for her(this does not apply for extreme chinkak case). For me if I love my gf I am willing to buy expensive gifts for her, depending on how good is she doing her job. Hint: Girls should pick up cooking in exchange for expensive gifts.

Sounds like a very general criteria in common practice of looking for a partner but to actually think of it, have you manage to get someone with such a 'simple' characteristic? Oh well, all those could be compensated with good looks, education level and stuff.. we human are superficial anyway =)

When I love you, what I see in you is always pretty... and that's only when I love you...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Search .. search ..

SATURDAY NIGHT- This girl was very desperate for this particular song which is kinda infamous and the only clue she had is the name on the contestant that sang it during Astro Talent Quest, which was ONE month ago event. Thus, trying to help her by questioning around but surely no one will remember since this event is not so famous anymore and it's been a month ago. I dont even remember what I had eaten yesterday night =/ Another approach of mine is to post on music forum waiting for help.

SUNDAY MORNING- Decided that international forum will not get what I wanted, browsed through MYFM website which is in CHINESE!!(having headache navigating through of course) and spam on their forum hoping for DJs to help

SUNDAY NIGHT- Still, non stop asking over those people in my list. Had a little hope when one of my net friend from brunei said that her mom did recorded those astro program but yet to find out that song.

MONDAY NIGHT- No reply yet from MYFM forum, guess those DJs never really used internet. Keep browsing through the website and found MYFM mirc chat room. Downloaded MIRC just to access but those people inside the chatroom are just flirting around each other. Effort wasted. Found out that there's a call in discussion on 9 to 10 but it's too late. Decided to use a more direct approach by contacting myFM webmaster via e-mail.

TUESDAY NIGHT- Received email from MYFM.

Ok now I have the title of the song. But how can I search for the song itself? Another search again .... since it's from an unfamous singer =/

Just hope that I could find it fast enough before she lost interest on it. She is just unpredictabe ...

EDITED: Found the song after lotsa hard work encoding the chinese character of the song. Special thanks to kenny for helping out. Guess what, this girl gave the wrong verse, which make the song so difficult to find !

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Knowledgable thoughts !

「只要懂得称赞老婆的旧衣漂亮, 她就不会吵着要买新衣。


Survey of LOVE

Q: How many times can you honestly say you've been in love?
A: once

Q: Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
A: soul-mate are humans with compatible interest, opinion and lifestyle. Once you're bored with your what-so-ever soulmate then he/she wont be your soulmate anymore. People change thru time.

Q: Do you think that you should become friends with someone first?
A: If not how would you know that you've like her?

Q: Have you ever had your heart broken?
A: yes

Q: What do you think about long-distance relationships?
A: I don't know. I'm in a relationship that 'sometimes you're in and sometimes you're not' Nothing is imposible of coz..

Q: Your thoughts on online relationships?
A: yup, just more insecure with it

Q: Would you rather date someone five years older or five years younger?
A: Yes but not for now .. It's kinda odd for my age to do something like that.

Q: Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend?
A: sure do

Q: Do you believe the statement, "Once a cheater always a cheater"?
A: He cheats for 2 reasons: Being promiscious or lost interest in you. Cudnt be help to say that there's no cure once he cheat, unless he's just drunk that time.

Q: Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt & you cried?
A: Yeah.. I'm willing to give everything and of coz it hurts

Q: How many kids do you want to have?
A: I just dream of having a kid who's so genius just now and she's not my daughter.. wonder who is she =/

Q: Is there someone who you like at the moment?
A: yeah, like alot, love one and not attached

Q: Do you usually fall for a wrong guy/girl or the right guy/girl?
A: This is one subjective question. If the definition of falling for the correct person means a successful relationship then mine is 100% failure !

Q: What are your views on gay marriages?
A: I don't mind if they have a nice cock tail party :D

Q: Have you ever broken someone's heart?
A: unconsciously i guess

Q: Have you ever given or been given roses?
A: Once, it was a dozen of pink roses

Q: Are you the one who makes the move or do you wait for them to make the move?
A: i tried to make a move but eventually leaving a bad impression

Q: What is your all time favorite romance movie?
A: 'Rat and Mouse' by Andy Lau and Sammi. It's about how they're meant together until Andy died of sickness and before he went trying to provide the best for Sammi T.T

Q: Imagine you're 79 & your spouse just died,would you remarry
A: Consider me lucky if I could get someone to marry me coz I am real picky. When I'm, 79 and still not divorced, I'll be very in love with my spouse and it will be unfair to the person i married coz I don't fancy replacement.

Q: At what age did you start noticing the opposite/same sex?
A: I dunno .. never cross my mind before noticing it

Q: What song do you want to be played as you walk down the aisle?
A: A very romantic version of Wedding March

Q: Are most high school kids infatuated or in love?
A: I think it's infatuation but it's unfair for them coz they do try their best, just not knowing what they want

Q: Who was your first love?
A: someone I love till now

Q: What's the longest you've ever liked someone?
A: 2 years ?

Q: Would you give up everything for love?
A: Yes.. I always thought that making someone you love to be happy is most important. If what I've done is useful then I will. Of course I won't donate my kidney to someone who won't appreciate it

Q: Will your life be incomplete without love?
A: I don't know. Guess love is just a part of extra feelings that play around harrasing your life.

Q: What do you notice first in a guy/girl?
A: characteristic

Q: What do you like most about your crush?
A: the way how they make you feel special and being very sincere towards you

Q: Want to get married?
A: Yeah sure

Q: When?
A: When I've made enough money to organize a cruise wedding.. Of course I need to find someone willing to do so with me.. a tough chance indeed

Q: Last person who hugged you?
A: I dont remember .. it's too long ago. I just remember keat punch me so hard recently and yet he's not gonna let me be his bestman =/ maybe he wants me as his bride ... *shrugs*

Sunday, July 02, 2006

England Just LOST

Somehow I have this special attachment towards England. I've been to UK before and I love that place. Since young, my childish ambition was to apply to become King of England. Just now I was helplessly watching the match between my favourite team England in action. I was hoping that they would win the match and the only thing I could do is to cheer them behind the screen. The penalty kickoff were too breathtaking for me, nearly got stroke due to it (partially it's bcoz of Nasi Lemak that I ate everyday.. Still couldnt resolve not to eat too much of it)

England lost and well, it's 4am and I still cant sleep. Woke up from my bed, to peek at my MSN if my favourite pooh is online since she's always unpredictable doing weird stuff staying awake in wee hours. It has been weeks since I heard from her and I'm missing her terribly. I don't even seen her online recently, seems like something did went wrong.. her PC was haunted? Ahh.. couldnt speculate more.. missing someone reminds us that the person is really important.

'True love doesnt have a happy ending... True love doesnt have an ending...' which means it's gonna be waiting endlessly and missing terribly =/

Drinking my favourite milk now. Heard that it's a natural sedactive. Need to sleep or I'll look like Captain Jack Sparrow; which is not so bad after all coz he's kinda cute :D