Sunday, July 31, 2005


Guess I'm sick. I just woke up for some jogging and slept 4 hours this morning. Insomniac....

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Depression .. hormone imbalance

I guess it's hormone. Guys have hormone imbalance too; not just for woman ! I'm currently in depression scale of 8. My depression scale is simple, 1 is like having a good sleep and a nice meal and a nice day, while 10 is like being raped by 10 fat gay lecturers who love my red shirt -_-"( I don't enjoy being rape so it's kinda awfull to reach scale 8 .. one of my worst depression in this season ). Guess the last depression I had was when my car got accident; and that shud be a valid reason of getting depression since you gotten yourself into deep shit ...

Now, out of no reason depression .. damn hormone !

I don't get depression easily, just imagine I can be real happy with a nice sleep and a nice day, without any happening things; I think I am weird. Izzit I miss her too much ? Guess it's just HORMONE IMBALANCE

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Autumn In My Heart

Every relationship has it's own problem. Just recently my cousin's gf was complaining to me about how my cousin treat her and how he never pick up her phone. I asked her not to be so clingy but after thinking back, who am I to give such an advise when I don't even know what really happened between them. It's not a bad thing afterall since every relationship aint make perfect so that we can find ways to fix it together.

For me, I don't even know if any problem exist on myself. Not clingy, no jealousy issue, nothing .. and maybe this is the problem; when we face no problem at all. Anyway I do love her alot; a significant place in my heart; the autumn in my heart ...

A scenery taken in MMU ... nice rite =)

Monday, July 11, 2005


So I saw this personal message from a buddy in MSN, written ' Would you sacrifice another family to save your own ? '

I guess normally people wont choose to sacrifice someone close to you for own benefits, human are not that selfish anyway. Another question, will you sacrifice yourself to save someone close to you ? Even if you say yes, the one that is being saved by you through your sacrifice might not willing to let you sacrifice yourself for his/her sake. That's why I find this idea kind of ridiculous; no one would be happy with the outcome if you need to lose someone. I remember after watching a korean MTV, she said that if she's the girl inside the MTV, she would cry until her eyes turn blind when she found out that the guy donated his pair of eyes for her.

The moral of the story, always appreciate the people around you and enjoy every moment of the joyful life that you have ...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Life Is A Roller Coaster ~

Imagine when you are planning to settle for something less, you failed to do so. Then something that seems rewarding appear and before you could get happy with it, you just find that it's just temporary. Well this is what happened to me, ups and down ..

Don't get what I mean ? Lets use an analogy. One day when you are seeking for job, things are so bad and when you just decide to settle with a very low paid job, unfortunately the position has been taken last minute. And when you're giving up, another offer come. Unfortunately again, you just find out that the post is just a temporary position. Luckily there's someone so lovely besides you and always support you no matter what happened.

There's this thing called wheel of fate and I always believe it. That's why we shouldnt worry too much about the bad luck we're having coz something good is always waiting behind it. This year I've got 2 birthday present (it's alot since I'm not any pretty girl or never held any party). One is from my aunt that love me soooo much, it's a wallet named ' Jackie Chan '; I've no idea what is that .. she bought them from China and I need to go penang just to collect it. Another wud be a funny oversize ring written something sweet; come as a necklace from my lovely gal. Both presents are outstation so I need to go and collet it myself =p

Life Is A Roller Coaster by Ryonan Keating. Listen to it ~

Monday, July 04, 2005

4th JULY

Nineteen years of my life and still no sense of achievement. I might be a very care free person in appearance but I do have high expectations on myself to be really successful; anyway I'm still YOUNG .. enjoy. So today, as usual nothing special for another birthday. Got lotsa wishes from some old friends who still remember it, celerating with cabonara pasta + hush brown during lunch in MMU, I did spent my whole day there and I was woke up by the reminder in my phone ( set by someone ) .. now here I'm facing the PC ..

So my birthday wish .. not to 'hilang dara' as what keat put on his MSN for this moment.. Actually I've not much things to wish for coz most of the things I want can be achieve if we really try. So I'll accumulate it to next year as usual .. hehe