Friday, February 24, 2006

Evil me

I just found back the evil me. I miss my evil self sooooooo much. It all happens when I was driving this morning and was trying to overtake other cars in a not so polite way just to save up 3 seconds of time. Of course other drivers might be annoyed but it brings me a special kind of pleasure. I've lost myself recently, and I'm not that bastard after losing my evil half, which makes me emotionally insecure and fragile. After discovering my evil self, thoughts of being mischevious are back.. like drawing the walls of MMU with pen, taking lab equipments as souvenir, fooling people around just for fun and sometimes trying to annoy the hell out of your friends and that's what I always did last time. The evil inside me makes me more confident and aggresive, just like when I know nothing bout love that makes you feel weak and sometimes pathetic.. yup emotions make you weak !!! Welcome to the darkside!!!

Not to say that I condemn people having emotions, but too much just make your life screwed.. just like a few of my friends recently making alot of fuss out of nothing. Healthy relationship is good in the process of growing up though but don't be SOHAI-ED.

Oh ya.. I still have a set of un-claimed Valentines present.. whoever interested can date me out to claim it, but with the conditions of paying all the expenses througout the date :D

Monday, February 13, 2006

Grass is always greener on the other side :D

I heard many rantings about how pathetic being single is especially when Valentines Day is around the corner. My friend Jack just told me,"Haih.. another one year and yet tomorrow will be another dateless year". Of course, when you are not attached sometimes you get jealous when looking at lovely couples with their lovey-dovey activities and feel pathetic when your other friends out there celebrating with your partner. Yeah, human always think that the grass on the other side is always greener but the fact is being single is all great in many sense.

The best part about being single is the freedom of unattachment and uncommitment, especially when you are the type who enjoys flirting around and playing with emotions. There's nothing that tied you up. Just like myself who enjoys flirting, I enjoys dating people out or flirt around but now I'm not as aggresive as before since I'm emotionally attached and I don't have the single's soul I used to have before. Before the affection between the one you flirt get a little more intimate you would stop yourself from proceeding, having some guilt of betraying your own partner thus cutting off all possibilities of the fun outcomes that yet to happen. Last time I had the aggresiveness to flirt with some strangers just for the sake of trying to impress her and to make her interested on me, when I'm not onto her at all.

So, in other words you can be a true player if you are single. Those attached players are morrons and it's a total different playing rules. Of course being attached you could enjoy the warmth and caring from your partner but singles out there could always deal with new excitements and a wholesome rommance as well as flirting activities. And this is the reason most couples break up, because they are thirst of such excitements.

In order to make singles who are NOT A PLAYER to feel less pathetic looking at those lovey-dovey couples, Singles Day is declared on the 14th February as well just to acknowledge all single status individuals that they are not neglected. Single or Attached are just a status that has almost similar reflection, just like your left hand and your right hand. Don't worry if you're not attached.. there's Singles Day. Singles Day steamboat event will be held on the 14th and me being semi-single will be joining the fun with all my friends since I'm dateless too.

Happy Singles Day !
and also Happy V-Day for those who're really commited... damn I'm missing her ALOT !

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Essence Of Gift

Well, I'm facinated with one of my friend's poem ... Damn lawak !

I am He who must not be spoken
For a whisper of Me makes your pelvis broken
I am He who must not be seen
For a sight of Me turns your pubic hair green

Worship Me, and I spare you My tantrum
Displease Me, and I cut your scrotum
Bow to Me, and I'll not screw your bottom
Belittle Me, and I shall blow your rectum

Make Me your Lord, buy Me a masterbed
And watch over I shall, when you masturbate

Another eventful day in the year, and everyone is busy getting gifts. Few days ago I was hunting for gifts as well, and I saw a group of matured adults in their 30s having headache trying to pick a nice present for their partner. I heard one of them say, "Get her a keychain, RM4.90.. it's the thought that matters. You shouldn't spend so much on such occasion coz you'll just get yourself into trouble getting gifts for every event and once you forgotten you'll be in deep trouble".

For me, getting gifts for others is to acknowledge someone and the price is not a matter. Once I read somewhere, saying that girls actually never really like flowers because they died easily. But in certain occasion, girls crave for it badly especially during Valentines because roses makes them feel good about their existance and being acknowledged. There are many ways to save up in gifts; roses in such occasion is 3 times the price so it's the wit in you that counts to please your partner with the minimum budget.. or you could just forget about everything and hope she wouldnt mind with that.

And with minimum budget and hoping to get a so called 'sweetest gift ever'(girls always said that although they had get something better b4 from someone else just to acknowledge your effort) is hard. Pray hard that she's in a good mood and everything will turn out fine, even if you get her an idiotic donkey plushtoy she'll be as happy as getting a titus watch... Do not think that buying gift is a responsibility, instead think of it as something fun to cheer people up. It's easier to get something you like instead of what that person wants coz it's more fun =p

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


hai-lat adj.
1. Getting yourself in a very bad situation
2. Screwed-up

Above adjective is actually a cantonese word which means 'vagina-drop', used to express a feeling of getting screwed in a bad situation without feeling much anger and hatred. Hatred expression will normally use 'diu' aka f*ck etc. Normally the word 'hailat' is used when you've done some mistake or something wrong and you'll just blame yourself for the stupidity. Don't ask why people use 'hailat', it's just a common cantonese term in the cantonese ah beng's society.

Recently I'm really hailat. Yesterday due to my stupidity I accidentally washed my red shirt together with my white jersey and resulted 'hailat' situation. Of course you could guess that the jersey turned red. I was trying to bleach back the colour today but all attempts are unsuccessful.. hailat!

Then today nearly big 'hailat'. I was polishing my precious silver ring while waiting for my friend to go to campus. So I was wearing the ring which was hung on a necklace. Then after hours of sleeping in the library I attended two classes only to find out 'hailat' ! The silver ring dropped out from the necklace. That momment was so 'hailat', afraid that I couldnt find back the ring.. I've no idea how to tell her about it.. Ran around the campus to the place I've been, asking the library staff and went to the previous class venue. Luckly I cud still find it .. or else .. hailat !

I'm so gonna be alot more careful !

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Liku Liku Gong Hei Fat Choy

Today is the 8th day of Chinese New Year and it would be the final day for my holidays. 3 weeks of holidays just passed like that and another year of Chinese New Year has passed. Well it should be at the chap goh mei when it's officially mark as the last day, guess this chinese valentines day will be spent with the mahjong tiles :p (gosh I'm addicted)

Nothing much special about this year's new year. During the first day I had my hair dyed orange. It's not permanent coz I'm very sure my conservative dad would screw me upside down. Getting my hair dyed orange really brings good luck, especially in gambling. I personally like blackjack and rumi when playing with my family members. Too bad the atmosphere is not the same as 5 years ago when all the family members were united together in the old house. Now only a few kaki's available and we're just playing for sake of accompanying my grandma.

I did went to thailand for body massage on the 3rd day.. a decent massage I meant(keat's gonna think of those handjobs and stuff)and it's great. 4th day is not that good, my grandpa fell down and knock his head. Luckly he's still fine.

Of all games that could be played, mahjong is the best. The tiles like 'hungzhong, fatchoy, pakpan, tung, nam, sai, pat ' really excites me to the orgasm scale of 9 out of 10. 'Fei' would be better to touch and it just brighten up your night =). Mahjong is about observing and making wise decision as well as having patience and good ethics playing the game, and a wholesome of luck. Even if you have a bad start, you still can win with 5 folds when you have the patience and the determination to struggle until the very last momment; just like what we're going through in life.

Andy Lau once said in his movie, 'With good ethics and virtue, the tiles will eventually be great'. Playing with patience, just like going through life. Even if you start without any honour tiles, there's still a chance. It's like when I was down, my sweetheart will to encourage me and get things back to the track. I luv u hunny ~

My hunny ~ they're lovely ~

Gong Hei Fat Choy .. may the liku liku luck be with you ! Happy Chap Goh Mei as well as V'tines day =) Those who're feeling pathetic on that occasion cud invite me for a mahjong game =p

Friday, February 03, 2006

Trying to be a happy person ~

The simplest way to be happy is to be a care free and simple person. Do not mind fuck and do not think too much, mind your own business and stay out of trouble. A simple smile would help alot in avoiding problems.

I'm kinda sensitive with the surrounding and happening, and recently many things has make me feel like giving up on compromising. I dun wanna fuck it anymore~ I've done what I could and if some people just never feel like compromising or playing with her games, I cud just declare that you are another insignificant person person in my life. Be happy =)