Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last entry of the year ~

"The reason people like to drink liquor is because it's difficult to drink.." Tony Leung, Confession of Pain

I find the above quote kinda true. Yesterday I went to a cafe and ordered some Lavender Milk Shake, it looks good inside the picture but taste weird and eerie. Still, I enjoyed till the very last drop, sipping the terrible drink slowly.. estatic. Sometimes it's human nature, we tend to challenge ourselves with difficulties that we choose. This is why I choose engineering instead of business/management that I could definitely do better. We always choose the wrong choice in life but still live with it and that's what make life up and down.

It's new year's eve and guess I'd be sitting at home doing my last minute revision. Somehow when big days like new year or christmas arrive, most friends are occupied with their partners. Sometimes it struck the heart looking and all your friends that you're hanging out with walking with their partners holding hands while you're walking alone behind following them. A little bit of jealousy or maybe a little bit of loneliness cocktail. But then that's not really what I'd wanted, relationship tends to be a crap to me before I realise what I could offer to it and what I'd wanted from it.

Thhe best thing to do in new year's eve is to recall back what you'd done for the whole year and what you plan to see yourself on the next year. I read a good entry from my friend talking about how we should be persistance in achieving our resolution and not just let our dreams consumed by time. Very motivated. For the past year lotsa stuff happened indeed, failed an exam, failed a relationship, get my first A for exams, flood in malaysia (alto nothing to do with me), addicted to being poke by needle, slacking tremendously and the list goes on..

A new year is not a new year without making resolutions:-
  1. Slack less and work harder in improving my grades (tho i dun care much on academic but still its contradictin to my principle of challengin myself if i really dun care)
  2. Exercise more
  3. Understand more about being romantic and relationship
  4. Talk less crap and use less foul words
  5. Eat no less supper
  6. Reach moksha and nirvana ('s complicated!)


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Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I'd been relatively a good boy this year. I don't do drugs and don't cheat on any innocent woman and I'd been donating blood for two times this year. The last time I wrote to you was like many many years ago when I was four or five where I'd asked for a jumbo size Kellogs Frosties and thanks to that, it came true and I was obese since then. Since it's kinda late to write a letter and post it to South Pole or wherever your headquarter lies (the last time I asked my mommy to send it =p) so I'd assume that in this IT age Santa does read blogs and hope you'd come across mine since I'm such a nice person =D

This year's christmas is going to be a lonely christmas for me, everyone around me seems to have something else to do. To make things worst, I'd stumbled across an article, "the lonely hearts guide to holidays" in yahoo. Since I dont feel like following the guide, I'm taking this opportunity to ask from you.

I want to be less lonely so you should know what to do. If you are to busy with your schedule, I'd suggest that you give me my imaginary GF (the one I'm displaying in my msn display) or my imaginary daughter (the smart one that always amuse me in my dreams) or both. If I do sound sick to you then you can also give me a lambourgini so that I could work myself out of loneliness; a little cash might help.

Thank you dearest santa. I'll continue to be a good boy =)

p/s: Sorry santa I was just kidding. All I wish for is that everyone I knew having a great christmas and holiday! Though I knew I wudnt enjoy christmas as much as last year n probably wudnt get any christmas present from anyone; perhaps you could give me another jumbo size Kellogs Frosties so that I cud enjoy eating em while looking at da beautiful wind chime of mine... sweet memories =)


Friday, December 22, 2006

the analogy of chicken rice

I had eaten a not so tasty chicken rice days ago and come out with a conclusion that life is like a plate of chicken rice. No matter how terrible the chicken rice is, as long as there is hungry people and out of simplicity people will order it coz chicken rice wont be too bad either; it's just chicken and rice.. how bad can it be? In life we'd always complained being inferior and not attractive but do remember that there are people still desire for you. Pretty girls are equivalent to a plate of very tasty chicken rice will normal girls will be ordinary plate of chicken rice.. haha crappy enough !

Anyway recently I'm being very healthy. Being very healthy in the sense of prohibiting my glutton self to enjoy food. I'm in a mission to burn down all the extra fats in my body and having a daily schedule of doing 20 push up, 20 sit up, 20 squat, 20 weightlifting, 100 jumping every morning and evening and with such determination going on for like 2 day(s) already ?
I even prohibit myself from eating supper with my friends, just looking at them with myself drooling like mad.

Being hungry will badly affect my sleep and will lead to having weird dreams due to lethargic. But then only in dreams I could manage to meet people impossible for me to meet in my real life, only to find out that I'm missing em sooooo much. Well, not just realistic dreams, sometimes I'm having nightmares like being chased by superman and being whacked up... gosh maybe I should watch cicakman instead so that the next time I cud whack that bloody lamest superhero of the century..

Nothing much, just a simple rant out of boredom. Was interested in reading economic journal lately about how economist put things in a ideal situation. Decided not to talk bout it here since no one would bother reading bout capitalism or globalization anyway..

Happy 'tang yuen' festival to the chinese community and also Merry Christmas in advance to everyone =)


Monday, December 18, 2006

J for John

I juz read an article from yahoo talking about the three As for a success relationship, appreciation, attention and appearance. Heck now I know why all these while I'm such a loser and always got dumped.. must be my excessive fat! Today onwards must really stick with my exercise routine!

Above is picture of John from project superstar. I met John last Friday during the beach party and one of my friend was so excited with it. I'm also known as John to her and she said there's two John that night. Guess she'd share the same love towards the real John and me and I'd wonder why John? Why not Andy Lau?

I knew about John from watching project superstar finale at a friend's place, not very impressed with their singing on that particular night and having her sister who kept complaining about the outfit of those contestants. Somehow during the beach party I'd be a tiny bit proud that I'm so called John because live singing is definitely better than what you'd seen from the screen. At least women fell for it more. Maybe I should pick up singing instead of building my appearance and competing in the next coming project superstar..

Well christmas coming soon and I'm still available on that night. Any party? Most of my friends never have that kind of spirit~ Duh christmas is not an opportunity to date with ur partner and get infatuated !! It's bout the christmas spirit. Perhaps I should suggest my friends to have presents exchange event. If there's more than 10 people interested with it then I'd transform myself into John and sing everyone a song..

p/s: I actually had alot of passion to sing =p . Anyway just woke up from afternoon nap and had a dream that the doctor saying I'd only one month left to live.. scary.. it was some kinda lung disease. Guess I should do more exercise !

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

beach = bikini

The only place you can find a beach in KL is in sunway. Talking about beach it's all bout having hot dudes and babes and of course going to the beach is all about looking at bikinis and curves. Yesterday I got to go to a beach party with bunch of heng dai(s) (including girls coz we treat them as heng dai also.. they're no where similar to girls =p) and had a great party.

It started slow with a raining night but everything got cool when the rain slowed and DJ started the music. Managed to get 3 free tickets of some movie by rushing up to the stage buat lawak. Noticed that there are actually lotsa sexy girls out there especially malay girls. The whole party is actually an event where contestants would be choosen to be the cover model of some magazine and one of my friend is participating. Shock to know that few of the contestants are from MMU which is also my classmates. None of them won but well we'd had a great time getting wet and raving. Too bad no alcohols sold at that event.

Oh well I shouldnt be wasting time here... Assignments berlambak to finish n yet still partyin n crappin in blog. Enjoy the picture of the hottest babe in the party.....!!!


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Life's waking up for another morning

I just woke up and was surprised to find out that my friend/neighbour's dad just passed away. Somehow losing love ones is a weird feeling especially when he/she was very ill and was suffering in this world. I'd got past experience similar to him 6 years ago and I can say the one who grieves the most is actually the deceased, regretting not being able to see his beloved son to get married or even graduate. At least that's for my mommy coz at that point what we as a family wish for was to see her suffer less. Guess she would be happy to find out that I'm still cute, my brother is still fat getting rich/fatter and my dad doing crazy as usual.

My neighbour has this special relationship with me and we're not gay. We used to eat the same dinner for a period of time and we shared the same pet (it's actually me alone claiming that dearest scubby is also my pet coz I love scubby!) and we'd went to same primary school n high school. Just here to say that if you did read my blog, dont be too sad with the lost of someone coz waking up next morning will feel differently and the earth is still moving on.. If I'm your girlfriend I'd probably say that 'you'll always have me with you' but that quote sounds sooo gay n not wanting you to vomit out your breakfast..

And when I woke up this morning, I noticed that I'd forgotten to pay my streamyx bill and the connection was cut off. Now I'm stealing my dad's line -_-"


something value for money

Few days ago I went to Timesquare with my friends. Then we decided to go lowyat to have a look on the stuffs over there. Suddenly I have this urge of buying some hentai DVD (for those who'd no idea of what's hentai it's actually porn in animation form and hentai means sick or crazy in japanese). After looking around, we found a store which sells lotsa DVDs. At first we are looking at a much organize list which cost rm15 each till I noticed there's a pile of unwanted DVDs which you can get at rm6 each. I started to look through the pile of DVDs and managed to get like almost 20 of them. In order to save money, I read through the preview on the cover to get the best out of it.

Then I asked the shop assistant, "Are these hentai(s) selling at rm6 each?" He answered yes in kinda embarrased n funny look. Come on what's wrong with having some pervert customer buying pornographic? Then I picked up 3 out of the 20 and spent rm18 for it. Guess what, they actually sensored those animated pornographic and my rm18 is like thrown into the sea.

Moral of the story is don't waste your money in buying such crap.. It's better to buy 4 sundae cone for rm6 and be obese then u'll be cute enough to attract real girls!

p/s: My arm is not swollen nor having any blueblack from yesterday's blood donation. Guess the nurse this time is not 'chor lor' at all ;D

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

all about being yourself

Above are pictures of my angelic self and the ilustrated version of it thanks to one of my friend who draw it. Her skill in drawing is superb.. Anyway I couldnt imagine that I was such a cute brat back then now turning into a chin-kak pathetic 'adult-gonna-be'.. Gosh I must be making too much sins all these while..

Having too much sins just make my life miserable and pathetic.. getting more stupid and obese from day to day, no achievement yet for year 2006 and gosh it's only half a month left. The only good thing I'd done was donating blood. Yup I'm obsessed with having a needle poke into me and drain my life out of it. I love to see that my blood is actually red and not green or blue like some satans/aliens blood. I love those free stuffs they'd gave after they poke you..

But then, the fact that I'm doing all these is to hope to accumulate more karma so that I won't die miserably doing all those chin-kak stuff that yet to be done by me.. People say bad guys attract more girls and I'm no where attracting any of them.. no where being bad at all. Perhaps I'm just being myself, having an imaginary gf (which is pathetic) and no where getting to the level of chin-kakness that contributes to something. I should do more karma so that I cud be as cute as my old self.. guess I'll ask the nurse to poke me again tomorrow ...

Friday, December 08, 2006

8 December

Dedicated my 111th entry to my dearest friend..


A virtual hug for you =)