Friday, April 29, 2005


Right now I'm chatting with one long lost friend, A who just admit that she had crush on me last time. What does it feel to really have crush on someone? Even I confused that I had any crush on someone before. Maybe what I've gone through were just flirting around... So I am digging out everything about the past during my school life from this girl.

So everything started when this girl pretending someone telling me that one of her friend, B had crush on me. I was so surprised that time coz she seems to know almost everything that happened to me during school, kinda like stalked but I act like nothing happened and nothing will progress in this puppy love thing. From what I knew from A, B started to like me from an incident in the prefect camp, I was in the same group with B and I forgot everything. Maybe it was because how I stand up against the head prefect and got screwed by the dicipline teacher .. hate my head prefect when I was in Form 4 !

So there's one day when B really get the message that there's no chance for me to be with her, she waited me when I was going home and she approached me, telling me sorry for bothering my life and for every nonsense that was in her mind .. gosh I never expect that. It's not even her fault or anyone fault to love someone so why apologize for that? But now I just found out that it was the whole idea of A .. haha

When I went back to my high school and enter 5 Science class a week ago, I only notice Wai Shin as she's the only one that I still really keep in touch with, already left the school for 2 years. B did saw me but she never talk to me at all. A said that when you like someone it's totally different to talk with; although I am always friendly.

Life goes on ....

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I was having a nice sleep until I received a call from my cousin sister. She asked me if I wanted some 'Ti kueh' made by her mom. I was so blurred that time and rejected the offer.. gosh it's a god damn food and normally it'll get me aroused. Maybe it's due to the rain. It's so comfy just to stay on your bed and you just hope that the time will stop and you can rot on your bed forever while listening to the rain. As usual, the chin-kak storm always follow the rain whenever it goes and half-consciously I remembered that my com was still on so I forced myself to get out of the bed. The fuse box at my home is more vulnerable than a sweet pretty sexy naive stupid retarded virgin that will get rape anytime from rapist aka da lightning.

I browse through my friend's blog, a new entry. I always love how screw-up she is :p Gosh I must make this entry quick; anytime the rapist will rape my fuse box and every single shit I wrote here will be all gone. Better get back to rot in my bed dreaming bout how screw-up life is knowing that there's someone more screw-up than you in your life.

P/S : The lightning actually rape my fuse box just before I wanted to publish this entry so I am writing everything from scrap again hours later. Ish I hate the storm !

Monday, April 25, 2005


I went to Pandan Capital, walked around and I reached a shop selling bags, pouch and wallets. Since my wallet had been following me for quite some years I decided to see if I can make a good deal to buy one. So I called da obasan (aunty) to show me those wallets.

KS : Hello aunty, can you show me these items ?
Aunty: (sweeping da floor, I'm her 1st customer) ...
KS : Hello aunty ..
Aunty: .... (Ignoring)
KS : Hello ~~~
Aunty: Yala.. yala [she walked towards me]. Which one do you want to see?
I simply point on a pirated Polo Wallet and she took it out for me. Noticed the price tag written RM 69.90
KS : Wah .. how come so expensive wan ?
Aunty: Aiyah .. leather mah. All leather is expensive! You think it's kulit kambing or kulit babi meh ?
KS : So is there any cheaper ones ?
Aunty: Cheapest also around RM40, give you 10% discount la. But it's not nice..
KS : But it's too expensive ..
Aunty: Aiyah .. so poor go chou kitt buy la.
KS : Chibai la you, chou kitt is to buy sex. Call me handsome and I'll buy from you.
Aunty: Handsome cock! Poor means poor .. go away !
KS : Chibai ! Curse you ~

Ok, it's edited but the whole scenario is roughly like this. If that aunty treats me better and makes me happier I might consider buying since I am a bad shopper. She ruined my mood to shop for a new wallet.Maybe I'm wearing a superman T-shirt and look poor; she doesn't want to do my business at all. Anyway my birthday is coming soon so I am waiting to get one from you all :p

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Home Alone aka Nasi Lemak

Okie now it's 11 morning and the best food you can find out there is Nasi Lemak. When you're staying alone you wouldn't care what you're going to eat next and for everything you eat you eat alone. You need not to decide what is good for others and just stuff everything eadible that doesn't taste like XxXXxxXXx inside your mouth. This is very true; everytime when I was staying with my grandparents I will consider to get some healthier food for their sake. Maybe I take my own health for granted. I should stop eating nasi lemak as frequent as now. In fact I already have such vision since months ago when I was suffering from terrible aucers.. ish.

The reason I mentioned bout staying alone and nasi lemak:
1) Daddy went to vacation yesterday so I'm currently alone. Even if daddy is around I always eat alone. Just a minute walk from my home there's this stall which sells nasi lemak and it taste good. So Nasi lemak is called convinient food.

2) I have been eating nasi lemak terribly. I remembered on Wednesday I have nasi lemak for lunch and for dinner as well.. a bad feeling that I'm gonna clog my arteries.

3) My friend was telling me that a particular stall that I used to like already drop its standard on nasi lemak. So we're discussing bout Nasi lemak.

Ok ENOUGH bout nasi lemak; makes me sound like a glutton. For your information I am just 54 kg, not those fat ass that devour non-stop. Recently there's nothing much happening events in my life. I end up doing some daily routines everyday. Next weekend will be my cousin brother's wedding. Shotgun marriage. Hope daddy enjoys his vacation. He seems to be real happy with his new found wife. Daddy is always thrifty on spending money especially for leisure. My mom's honeymoon with him was Thailand, sounds like some near place but that was last time; our family aint that rich and mommy always consider bout our future and saving money for our education. I still remember mommy will get us healthy food :p I guess it's easier to love someone than to love yourself.

Today I officially declared that I will cut down on Nasi Lemak !

Friday, April 22, 2005

The Screw-up Theories

I am so 'wu liao'; discussing about da name of children be it boy or girl with her. From all the 'wu liao-ness' I have decided to spend time on something more meaningful which is blogging. Yesterday went for a drink with my old friends and I can noticed my friend jaysiang is very problematic :p. He came out with all weird theories about his life and I'm going to point some of his theories up.

Jaysiang is saying that all my friends are very choosy and setting a very high standard on girls; which is quite true. He claims that none of us is getting a gf because we're afraid that she's not pretty enough and will be humiliated by everyone. He might have some point but I don't think it'll turn out that bad ( we're not so MCP after all ). To stand with his theories; he's going to be GAY or SINGLE for the rest of his life :P

Well this is really screw-up and is the main reason of him being so lonely and boring in school. He thinks that knowing friend is useless coz you're gonna forget him/her(MOSTLY GIRLS) after leaving school and the friendship will not be forever. So he sets up a wall and keep a distance from getting the relationship grow. For me it's an act of some low-esteem people who's afraid of losing friends. It's true that nothing is forever, we just need to treasure the precious moment spending together. What's gonna happen in da future let da fate decide ...

For your information, Hideaki is a japanese artist that jaysiang admires. For him, he's seriously in a very low-esteem condition about his physical appearance and that's the main reason of him not taking any pictures. It's stupid to spend those money doing surgery on your eyes !

Being anonymous in the society, well it's nothing to be ashame of. His favourite quote would be 'I'm a pile of shit' or 'Ah seng you're Andy' .. boy come on get yourself some confidence even though you do not have any special outstanding characteristic.

K.. mozzies are disturbing me. Stop blogging now and kill some mozzies. They will reincarnate as a better being after killed by me so bless me :p

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

School Life ~

I just visit my friends in Tasik High School and they're taking STPM there. It has been awhile since I left my school life and I'm kinda miss it. Well, those who are still studying might hate all those daily routine of going school but when you're as old as me you will feel nostalgic everytime stepping into the school compound. I found out that one of my friend who's alwayz complaining that schooling life is terrible. I notice that he's having some problem; he's shy I guess ...

Well, I kinda like that place but the canteen food sux

A picture of hardworking meng meng; he's doing fine there but I can't get a picture of jaysiang. He's just like pooh don't want to take pictures.

Two angels from Kosas; lu yee and lee yuen ~

Here's lili, jaysiang's all time favourite. She look kinda desperate coz she's rushing to toilet and I was bothering her to take pictures !

Some student's in upper six bio class, well I don't know them ..

I can't get a picture of linda .. ish ; anyway I miss my school life ! Maybe I am just being old .. haha ! Everyone who's still in school; enjoy it coz it'll be the last year of your schooling days ( most of my friend are as old as me :p )

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Something money can't buy ,,,,,

In life there is always something that means alot to you and yet it is worthless in material value. A gift is not just about the value or price of it but the meaning it brings to the one that receive it. I've read an article about a case when an old man writing his will, he forgot to state who's going to get all his ' priceless things ' like photo album etc.. he juz concern about his assets and neglecting all those stuff that money can't even buy. I've a few ' cheap ' things that is important and worth alot to me; although they could worth merely $5 but I treasure them alot !

This is something sweet that I get from my friend jaysiang 4 years ago. When I was in Form 4, during my birthday he gave this to me and tell me that he spent $ 20.00 just to get that from me; but I think it only cost $2.50 coz one of my other friend told me bout the price. Anyway it's still sweet. Then when I am Form 5 I gave him back this crystal as a birthday present .. and last year, he gave this back to me, a nice memory indeed. I'm going to give him back the crystal this year and we'll be exchanging the stone forever till someone lost it .. and I won't !

My first christmas present for so many years. My lucky stars.. I think it consist more than 60 stars, glow in the dark. A reason why I love her so much !

Another reason why I love her. People called it friendship bracelet.. it's real ugly actually but what can you expect from some screw-up person to do something like that =p.

Don't be too materialistic in life .. treasure all the precious stuff around you. Life is beautiful ~

Friday, April 15, 2005

( Chicken ) Flu !!??

K.. maybe it's because of my karma of killing mozzies and eating too much chicken ... now I'm having a terrible flu; sneezing non-stop as if there's someone cursing me behind .. ish. Talking bout mozzies and chicken .. let me go with chicken first. One of da best shop that sells White Chicken ( bak kai ) will be the one in Taman Connought and it taste bloody good ~ I'm willing to drive you guys there if someone is gonna treat me that. Another thing about chicken is that I miss the chicken rice sold by ' botak lou ' and their ' pig intestine soup ' .. yummy

Mozzies did give me some bad memories. I am so pissed with them especially on Monday when they rape my right hand ( only right hand ) and that's weird causing those irritating itchy mozzies mark on it .. at least 20 kisses from them. Ish ... coz I them I gave up on something. I have this weird uncle who is so ' GOOD KARMA ' and he never kills any mozzies according what to what he said. There's this time when my brother was gonna spray SHELTOX ( mozzies spray ) on them and suddenly my uncle said, " What the hell are you doing ! You're gonna kill them ! " Well .. do you guys believe in such thing as karma ? How bout killing mozzies ? Does it ruin your karma ?

Well .. terrible flu .. gonna stop now .. only wish I have good karma .. ish

Back Home !

It's just 2.30 am and I'm leading a vampire life. Notice that I'm getting healthier once I am back to KL; no more unheathy supper for everyday. Still, I am adapting life in KL ( my actual home ). It was kinda hard on my 1st day back home; the thing that kills me most in my life is unaible to get connected to the cyberworld and on Tuesday I slept at 11 + . I never sleep that early before during my time in Melaka.

Daddy is going to New Zealand for vacation soon. His obsession on properties is still the same and he's living a healthy lifestyle. I still remember that his dinner was juz boiled reb beans without any sugar ~ taste sux and I pour them away without him noticing. Oh .. and yesterday i swap his PC RAM with mine; now I'm having a 512 DDR RAM - MSN and DOTA on the same time will be no problem for my PC ; just need a graphic card and it'll be perfect ! Daddy playing less games from PC nowadays coz he got a new wife so it's wise for me to steal his RAM from his PC; I make better use of the RAM ~

Hope it's not gonna rain tomorrow .. I miss football with my friends !

A New Beginning !

Well .. from today onwards I'm gonna post my entries in blogger .. will paste da same entries in xanga for my friend's convinient too