Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Old Town Girl

Oldtown girl

She's been working in her Oldtown shop

I bet she never had a 'sohai' guy

I bet her papa never told her why

I'm gonna try for an Old town girl

She's been working with her white coffee world

As long as supervisor never fired her

And now she's looking for a 'sohai' man

That's what I am.....

Currently I'm soooo addicted with this Old town staff in cheras, I started humming the above song everytime while taking my shover. Maybe it's because of visiting that place too much, or maybe the 'Ximut Milk Tea' is spiked with some 'spanish fly'.. i'll look at the counter where she's working almost all the time.

I had this problem on liking aneroxic girls... Still can't get rid of the girl i saw in 1U few months ago, and now again, another Old Town aneroxic staff attracts me.

This is life.. will always fall in love with someone that you're impossible to be with. I'll need to keep this obsession secretly without letting her knew.. just in case she poison my drink to get rid of my annoying stare at her... coz somehow she's my friend's friend's cousin. Seems far but when things get screwed up, nothing is impossible !


Sunday, March 25, 2007


This would be my favourite masterpiece in my gallery. I do have a series of artworks that I frequently view. Perhaps its because of listening to Kevin Kern's Pastel Reflection too much, it makes me depressed somehow..

Or perhaps this reflection lullaby did managed to reflect myself what I had done wrong.. guess what my friend told me was right, it's not a good idea in seeking too much 'attention' as we need to consider how to other party feel. It's better to be plain and ordinary at times..

I'd learnt alot from people around me.. its just that forcing someone to change his personality is not that easy. I flirt ALOT and yes I always think that there's no harm done as the other party might be happy to have attention from me coz all these while I thought everyone loves attention like me. I might missed out the fact that my act aint just giving attention on others but also annoying others as well. Sometimes it's not so right to say 'good morning' to some random and not so familiar people around. Sometimes it's not so right trying to start a conversation with someone as it might be annoying as well..

Oh well, I'd always believe that human can't live alone and if I don't initiate and the other party doesn't as well, things would become distance..

And today, yet another person blocked me in her list.. I must learn to 'seek less attention'.. or maybe all my doings are only seeking someone particular's attention.. again that's called stupidity~

Duh~ crappy rants during midnight ~


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sometimes its about seeking attenting from someone

The other day I'd put 'I (L) loh hsei ee' on my msn personal nickname and did get some funny response from my fellow online mates. People will start asking bout my new 'made up' relationship then I can start telling them some nonsense just to pass time. Sounds a little bit 'pathetic' but I do believe that the creation of this very popular online messenger with the personal nickname is to seek attention from others.

Everyone that has this habit of chatting online will put some personal nicks, may it be their thought or stuff happening to them or the latest TV quotes. Boring people who spent time looking on their online friends list will start to disturb you relating your nicks and indeed is a very good way to hook up two pathetic lonely individual that has nothing more to do in life.

Some people even leave hidden message to their love ones. For instance putting *light bulb*heart*camera*cloak*cloak*sunglases or anything similar on their nicks. Some will try to be as pathetic as they can be to seek attention from that someone very special. Some will use them to request song by putting "Anyone get me leehom n I'll love you more".. some idiotic guys will definitely die for the song and google it day and night..

It's good to have MSN anyway. In fact, online messenger is one of the best method to get you connected to people around you, and knowing that your friends are still alive by looking at their name pop up the window. It feels good to have someone willing to eat dinner with you after you post that you're hungry. It feels good to know someone who needs emoticons and manage to get my cousin helping me to pass those emoticons to the needy too.

And it feels good to look at my lovely niece everytime my brother is online :D

CUtE CuTE baby ChLOE !!!!!!!!!! :D

Sunday, March 18, 2007


In chess, a wrong move will result in checkmate. In marriage, a wrong choice will result in despair. In life, a wrong path will lead to patheticness. Again, life is all about choice and consequences. Just like that day when I was deciding to watch a movie in MidValley somehow decided to watch Unholy Matrimony because I love Fan Binbin. That was one of the worst 'horror' movie I'd ever seen, the actress is nowhere pretty and the ghost is nowhere scary, and had the lamest storyline a horror flick could possibly had!

Buat apa di bawah air ? She's Fan Binbin in her scariest look.. SO NOT PRETTY!

Anyway, making the correct choices is very important so that you won't end up laughing at your own stupidity for choosing the movie. In fact we had a great time laughing at ourselves. Making choices are equally important in relationship as well. Recently my friend Keat just had a girlfriend and I think he'd made a good choice. This girl is sporting, allows him to use foul words, give him alot of space and blend easily.

Talking bout relationship, sometimes it's not what we choose to have but it's about what we're fated to have also. Another friend of mine, Kitt has a girlfriend who's already been steady with him for sometime. He's rich and outgoing, and because of him being outgoing gives him a hard time reporting to his girlfriend who is quite obsessive and very pampered. Whenever I see them together, it's about him trying his very best to please her.. just like a dad loving his bratty young daughter, not a bad thing after all.

And that girl reminds me of queen ying. As people say, it's best not to choose the eldest sister or the youngest sister in a family. The eldest one will always take care of her family and her family will always be her priority, resolving you to have less time with her. The youngest daughter of the family most probably will be spoilt and very pampered, which need alot alot alot of effort to be pleased.

For me, I would choose to have the eldest sister as I don't need to have someone sticking to you 24/7. All I want is just a few hours of quality time together every week or even every forthnight. Or maybe that's the reason I couldn't find someone suitable for me, coz no one wants a guy who is soooo 'kayu'...

And that's why I'm still looking for a nature lover out there :D


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What The Heck RU Doing in University !!!

Normally around every mid-semester students would be asked to meet up with their AA (Academic Advisor, not AA sized battery) and get to talk some crap with them. Students who are real good in their studies will find that they are doing so well because of themselves and would never bother meeting up with their AA. On the other hand, poor students like me would receive some nagging from them to improve our grades.

I never tell the truth when it comes to meeting with my AA. My story is too long to tell and normally the time I made appointment with him is on lunch hour and I rather end the conversation in 5 minutes and have my RM4 set meal (consist of chicken, egg and vege + cold water).

Firstly my AA would always ask me bout the participant in uni activities. As usual I'd be telling him that I stayed so far away I spent 2 hours traveling everyday and the only recorded activities are blood donations. Then he would ask me to improve my grades as my 1st sem foundation and EEP program results showing 3.7 above (I do hope he treats me like other weak stupid students coz I'M STUPID in certain ways.. and stop the nagging)

In fact, I'm not just another ordinary stupid lazy bratty students who never care improving their grades. I'm always busy, maybe a little bit disoriented with my schedules. Every morning I would wake up at 8 morning and check on news (not mmls or notes coz I dont have a printer and would never bother printing them) and somehow someone would wake up early enough to chat with me. Like yesterday, I chatted until 9.20am knowing that it took at least 35 minutes to reach campus driving on average of 130km/h. Got ready everything and left home at 9.30, stop by at nearest bakery to get some bread(my stupid class is 7 hours straight due to taking extra subjects and having Friday as holiday). Somehow reaching 15 minutes late to class.. enjoying my fresh baked bread :D

My favourite activity is to make annoying irritating sharp shirking sound on the floor with my shoes and annoy the hell out of my friends. Reading papers are also something fun in class. Besides, I do vandalize a little bit, like removing those screws on the lecture seats and keeping them as souvenir, drawing on tables and also smuggling some electronic components out of the lab. I'm also active in activities and event 'that was set up by others'. Just like yesterday when our fellow MMU created another lame longest kebab world record, I did took part at looking on how stupid they were arranging the 3.4 tons of chicken meat.

During boring lecture sessions, I will either sleep, play puzzle games or do origamy aka paper art. My origamy is simple, tearing small pieces of papers to create rubbish then make a paper box to fill those small pieces of papers and later on pour it on the lecturer desk later on. I'm such a freak..

Oh well, it's almost time for me to meet up with my AA. Perhaps I should tell him my habits so that he could guide me :p


Sunday, March 11, 2007

3 /\ 0 7

Sometimes I wonder how a person could leave such a deep impact towards your life...
Sometimes I wonder if it's just about the fear of not getting what you had wanted in life...
Sometimes I wonder if those dreams really brought special meanings...
Sometimes I wonder why I never had the guts to deal with it the proper way...
Sometimes I doubt myself that I knew what is best for us...

Sometimes I wish the dreams I've had would be forever...
Sometimes I wish that life would be like a fairytale...

Missing someone is all about the indication of how someone means so much to you...

Monday, March 05, 2007

My First Time

Do not stray too far coz I'm talking bout my first time watching a live concert. I'm never into concerts and all gaga bout celebrities and for this time, I got this opportunity to watch it for free coz one of my friend can't make it.

For people like me, I would never bother buying ticket and wasting time watching live concert but seriously this Leehom concert was a blast. It's energetic and full of excitement, nice stage manipulation but the bad thing was that our sit was too far. The next time I'm to watch concert either accompanying my girlfriends or daughters I would definitely buy the most expensive one or at least those seats above average.

Anyway, Leehom is one of the most talented musician I've ever seen and JJ has the sweetest voice. Performance was great, from violin and piano to something more of a rock genre like drums and electric guitar. A good experience indeed.. and manage to know a sweet looking girl.. hahaha


Friday, March 02, 2007

Aint Life Weird Yet Funny?

Chinese New Year is the time when you visit your friends and relatives to know how they are doing, how fat they have been, who are they hook up with and etc. rather than just knowing the fact that they are still alive for the past 1 year. Somehow my relatives have a very weird habit, which is to bring their gfs and bfs along during CNY visiting. Maybe doing so will sattisfy the desire of my grandma who wish to see all her grandchildren get married while she's still alive.

Grandma and my other aunts will pressure me and my brother to bring along our 'gfs' due to the fact that every of my cousins are either married or have shown their partners. It is funny to think back when I was still young and those aunts will say "boy.. study first dont paktor paktor!"
Anyway, CNY is the only time we'll meet up with relatives that is not much significant in our lives. Although I meet with my relatives once or twice a year, most of us will have alot of common topics to banter about. There's only this particular sisters that I'd NEVER talk to with for 19 years (considering the fact that I could talk at age2). Somehow it's either they are weird or we(every other cousins of mine also never had a single conversation with them) are abnormal. Maybe it's the communication barrier that exist without much reason between us.

I had a very close friend who used to had alot of conversation until this very invisible yet scary communication barrier make us soo distant..

Me: Hi
Me:How u been up to?
Friend:Nothing much <- conversation killer ranking as high as :)


Nowadays our conversation would happen like maybe once a month in an average of 10 words. The conclusion we could get from the conversation is that both of us are still alive =p

Still its great to find out that your friends are still alive :D

Chap Goh Mei is coming and will mark the end of CNY, thus no more mahjong for me anymore.. Hope everyone would have a great day on 15th night and of course I'll go to those riverside to pick up those mandarin oranges thrown by single women.. desperately coz had been promising my aunts to bring a gf back next cny ...

haha it's gonna be another long year !

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